Uploaded: 20 Sep, 2008
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Author: Kline

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ACK!MUD 4.3.1 by Zenithar. GCC4 cleanup by Samson. AckFUSS by Kline.

Mquest was a huge addition and a huge pain to do, but simplified 100 fold by Abel kindly donating the code for it :). I just had to make it all fit! A "speedwalk" mode has also been added to suppress rooms and the mapper. It works automatically, check config.h for the define :) **note there is a toggle command added, check out the webSVN link from for more info** Building also got a bit faster with auto-objects. You can use "aobj" in the OLC and, based on the new OLC version of sysdata, objs will be statted appropriately. Just tweak from there! Brawl code, item durability – lots went into this release in a short time!

Auto-object is complete with a mod table. ie: aobj weapon will modify the level-based values with "weapon" stats – only hr and dr, and a percentage of the level's base stats. Adjust the sysdata values or the build table as needed for customization :).
Auto-object is in. Use aobj when editing an object, adjust the top-end values with sysdata while in build mode. A build version of sysdata is in to configure values for the auto-object system and future use.
Some bugfixes with strlower() being used.
Mobs now get save_vs_spell on load. A new sysdata option, mobsvs, was added for this, also.
Fixed a minor align bug in setarea and a bug in saving the Area list.
Starting to build a 1 to 5 newbie zone, well, because I can.
Moved all references for door counting to a MAX_DIR define in config.h
Added color tokens for random color and random back color.
Items now have durability and take damage in combat. Once an item is broken (no durability) it falls off to inv and is un-usable until repaired. Repair command in place to handle this though the costs may need adjusting :D
Added brawl code. Mobs can now be "swept up" into a fight in their room.
Updated with MAX_MOVE_DISPLAY for the number of rooms to auto-look on enter while moving. Past this number players will only be shown a room name and exits. Good for speed walking :).
xprintf updated to replace the last relics of sprintf used in the mapper and bug() calls.
Safe command added to let a player know if their room is flagged safe or not.
Fixed iquest to show money values.
Added a "delete" arg to mgive.
Updated autoquest to use top_mob_index instead of 1000 loop.
Fixed no fight damage messages.
Added 'exp' to mset.
mquest (thanks Abel) is in. Generates random quests for players to do for qp/gold/exp.
Changed save to allow arg "auto" to save quietly; updated all occurrences of this.
Fixed a lot of missing !IS_NPC() checks in saving.
Removed an un-used ITEM_DARK sharing flags with ITEM_NODISARM.
Added MONITOR_HELPS to the monitor table, oops.