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Author: Cratylus

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Installation features:
* Easy to install, with clear and thorough install docs.
* Installable on Windows with no extra software. Executable is included.
* Easily installable on modern unixes such as Linux, Solaris, OSX, BSD, etc.

Player features:
* Multiple races available, and more are easily added.
* Multiple classes available, and more are easily added.
* Sophisticated body/limb system, with "severing" being optional.
* Skill based combat and spellcasting, with optional PK.
* Skills that can be improved through use and with special trainers.
* Quest based advancement (optional).
* Multiple modes of travel in different terrain: flying/swimming/etc.
* Mounts.
* Vehicles.
* Firearms (optional. There are also swords and such, of course).
* Saved inventory when you quit (optional).
* Banking and multiple currencies.
* NPC's that can respond to speech, queries, and commands.
* Special role based NPC's: vendors, barkeeps, bankers, guildmasters, etc.
* Variable descriptions based on time-of-day/lightlevels/race vision, etc.
* Flexible parsing: "give my second torch to the third human" and "gi to 2 hu 3" work.
* Languages, fishing, stargates, diseases, groups/parties, potions, and more.

Builder/creator features:
* Many examples of objects, areas, and quests.
* Extremely thorough and very detailed docs, faqs, and helpfiles.
* In-game building through OLC-like commands.
* In-game editing through a built-in text editor.
* Web-based editing through the built-in web server (optional).
* A workroom and home area/directory for learning and building.
* Access to intermud for code advice and friendly chat (optional).
* Virtual room server that allows quick, convenient creation of 1,000's of rooms

Admin/owner features:
* Simple in-game configuration with the commands: mudconfig and admintool.
* Optional internet servers: web, ftp, Intermud-3, IMC2, and others.
* Some basic conversion modules available to simplify migrating from Smaug and CWG.
* Memory/resource throttling for folks on limited computers/hosting.
* A helpful forum and intermud community for tips and guidance ( lpmuds.net ).
* Easy online upgrading to the latest version with the command: liveupgrade.
* In game control of access to privileges and data with group assignments.
* Warmbooting to reload the mud without disconnecting players.
* Extremely robust: tested with hundreds of active player bots simultaneously with no lag.

New since a10 are major grid improvements, an orc area under the
town and a finally-completed Town Well Quest. Also LIB_FLOW to do
flooding and a portal generator for teleportation. Note that only one
blue and one orange portal can exist in the mud at any given time.
Cake is provided for those who excel with the portal generator.

Support: http://lpmuds.net/forum/index.php?board=...