Uploaded: 17 Mar, 2009
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Author: Kline

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ACK!MUD 4.3.1 by Zenithar. GCC4 cleanup by Samson. AckFUSS by Kline.

Wow, this was a huge version. I think it's got the largest changelog yet. Highlights? Stability. Sure there's new features and even a newbie school, but this build has ran solid for weeks on my development machine; it even has a clean shutdown in Valgrind (and no errors, to boot!). Some cool new things include a new death system (turn into a ghost), special charm items that grant passive bonuses by sitting in a player's inventory, and a few new flags to give builders better control over mobs and items/doors.

Support and other downloads can be found at:

AckFUSS Feature List

Character Development:
-Level and Class based
-Multi-class: 11 classes in 3 tiers
-Vampire / Werewolf societies (not races)
-Clans, with politics, unique equipment, and a war system
-Structured PVP: choose to be PKOK and lawless or break the laws and suffer the penalties
-Initial stats selected by you, based on race limitations

-Unique fighting stances based on class selection
-Speed based combat; no static round "ticks"
-Realm based spell damage (fire/ice/mind/etc)
-Limited PVP looting depending on law / clan war status of combatants
-Deathmatch mode – free for all PVP with no consequences
-Item durability – broken items grant no bonuses and need repairing
-Brawl code; bystanders may get swept into a fight

Interface Enhancements:
-Channel history for all public channels
-Most text supports player customizeable color
-Alias system
-Speedwalk mode to suppress room descriptions automatically
-Customizeable prompts
-Auto mapper to help navigate

-Full online editing of rooms, objs, mobs, helps, and socials
-Rare items
-Multiple piece items that have to be collected and connected
-Room affects
-Auto dig feature to rapidly create zone layouts
-Auto object feature to set baseline stats based on absolute maximums, editable per slot
-Obj funs – create code to make objects unique

Quest Points:
-Auto-run quests based on average online player level
-A new mquest system, letting players request random quests for gold, experience, and quest points
-Player driven item enhancements; power up your items as you see fit
-Purchaseable stat raises for Str/Int/Wis/Con/Dex

System Enhancements:
-System generated messages to automatically track certain player actions
-Integrated IMC2 Freedom client
-Customizeable multi-coin currency system
-Easily customizeable pre-compile
-Numerous online-configurable gameplay options to set mob difficulty, leveling speed, etc
-Flat helpfiles; every help is a single file – reduced memory footprint and easily updated
-Race realism – not everybody carries cash these days
-Human readable area files; no more cryptic garbage that's impossible to modify
-Numerous C++ and Makefile enhancements to improve maintainability and speed compile time