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Redit, Oedit, Medit Copy - 12/06/2006 DSL
I didn't copy resets, rprogs, or exits as this can be convoluted.

While I realize there are other 'copy' codes out there, I wrote this one to be able to copy simple one aspect, or a few aspects or all aspects of any given mob/room/object.

This has been a boon to builders on my own game so I wanted to share.

Example: Say you want a mob that's about as hard to kill as… Lord Vulture. (Lok's area isles.are.
But you want him to be a Goblin Chief (like perhaps in Goblin Stronghold, a buffer Grumm)…
medit create 29014
copy 17050
MEDIT: COPY: Name copied:             vulture lord
MEDIT: COPY: Act copied: npc sentinel mage
MEDIT: COPY: Sex copied: male
MEDIT: COPY: Group copied: 0
MEDIT: COPY: Race copied: human
MEDIT: COPY: Level copied: 40
MEDIT: COPY: Alignment copied: -1000
MEDIT: COPY: Hitroll copied: 40
MEDIT: COPY: Damage type copied: pound
MEDIT: COPY: Hit dice copied: 10d108+ 648
MEDIT: COPY: Damage dice copied: 5d7 + 20
MEDIT: COPY: Mana dice copied: 40d10 + 100
MEDIT: COPY: Aff copied: flying
MEDIT: COPY: Armor copied: pierce: -150 bash: -150 slash: -150 magic: -20
MEDIT: COPY: Form copied: edible sentient biped mammal
MEDIT: COPY: Parts copied: head arms legs heart brains guts hands feet fingers ear eye
MEDIT: COPY: Immunities copied: none
MEDIT: COPY: Offensive copied: disarm dodge trip assist_vnum
MEDIT: COPY: Size copied: medium
MEDIT: COPY: Start Position copied: standing
MEDIT: COPY: Default Position copied: standing
MEDIT: COPY: Wealth copied: 500
MEDIT: COPY: Spec copied: spec_cast_mage
MEDIT: COPY: Short Description copied:Lord Vulture, the 4th Pirate Lord
MEDIT: COPY: Long Description copied: A giant, black skinned man glares at you with coal black eyes.
MEDIT: COPY: Description copied:
Lord Vulture is a master criminal, with a calculating evil that makes
your skin crawl. He is dressed in black silk, which nicely sets off
his closely trimmed black beard and mustache. On each of his fingers
is a signet ring of some captain he has defeated. He sizes you up
and says `Obviously you are the caliber of soldier I need. Will you
join me and become richer than your wildest dreams?'
MEDIT: COPY: No shop to copy.

MEDIT: COPY: Lord Vulture, the 4th Pirate Lord (Mob 17050) duplicated.

name Gruug
short Gruug, the goblin emperor
long A massive goblin stands here, he must be part hobgoblin, or ogre!
Yes, insert a mob desc here that befits said hobgoblin.
race goblin
asave area

QUICK, and you now have a mob that's very similar as Lord Vulture, but he's your goblin (with some differences due to racial vulns etc). It makes building… yeah, that cool.

Example: You want a dagger JUST like the cool one in X area.
Oedit create 1234
COPY 23483 (that being the cool dagger in X area you like)
name dagger even cooler
short an even cooler dagger
long An even cooler dagger than the one found in X area lies here tempting you.

It can really speed up the tedious parts of building. Enjoy!

- Dave/Skol/Zivilyn on

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Pps. This snip assumes you have Lopes Colour, if you do not, remove {[a-z] -i.