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Started from Dystopia 1.4
Age of Heroes 1.2

* Mud Based on Dragonlance
* 100% custom areas
* 200 Race Levels
* 5 Remorts
* Classless system
* Sphere System for gaining powers
* Sphere reset to change your spheres
* 5 Spheres + 1 per Remort
* At anytime use spheresreset for no penalty
* 60 races
* Fightstyles to replace stances
* Stats autoadvance
* Gold, Silver, Copper currency, with convert
* Weapon Types replaced with 19 kinds of weapons
* ArchDemon and Archangel as Ascension Races (level 200)
* Rom style Immunities, Vulnerabilites and Resistances for races put in.
* Shield Block

Wokanist: elemshift, gasbreath, naturesfury
Combat1: leech, bladejump, ironclaw, kakusu, fightdance
Combat2: bomuzite, superberserk, shouldercharge
Combat3: entomb, spikes, unnerve, dtrick
Combat4: desanc, shatter, enrage
Aeromancer: disperse, enfold, evaporate, updraft, aero hoana, chagi, aeblade, tornado
Enchantment: weaponenhance, armorenhance, caust, immolate, freezeweapon, poisonblade
Enhancement: nightsight, graft, darktendrils
Healing: heal, regenerate, regrow
Hydromancer: hydro, cbreath, frosthands, soothe, wash fluidity, aqua, viunemto, storm
Geomancer: solidify, rockslide, earthshatter, earthswallow eagra, inos, yaoe, easpi, eshina, sha
Transmuter: zuloform, change, dragonform, mask, camouflage, bonemod
Illusionist: clones, formillusion, grab, shadowplane, shadowsight
Diviner: scry, readaura, gleam, reveal
Abjurer: dimensiondodge, holyaura, shield
Necromancer: creepingdoom, powerword, darksummon, fleshportal
Pyromancer: flameblade, firebreath, magma, enflame, fagra, bae, taiegra, ennotate, lava, torra
Animal: sclaws, claws, fangs, rend, talons, burrow
Animal2: quills, roar, flameclaws, skin
Chaos: chaossurge, chaosgate, chaosmagic, chaosshield, chaos
Shadow: vensai, butomi, sami, sautchen, daemi, saubutomi
Holy: shoju, mian, goazento, hishu, beoutu, yu
Moon: moonbeam, moongate