Uploaded: 16 Aug, 2009
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Author: Xrakisis

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Changes Since 1.2:
* Legacy costs gold instead of QP
* Moon sphere added
* Mobs can no longer shield block if they dont have a shield
* Gasbreath Works
* Bonus from being grouped
* Dungeon Tower cleaned up
* 16th level added to Dungeon Tower
* Toughskin makes it so u cant lose arms in combat
* When you buy an item you autoclaim it, sell it claim goes away
* Int and Wis now autoimprove
* Racelevel and Remort shown in who
* Changes 0 no longer crashes mud, thanks to Tijer
* put in failsafe for spheresreset so u dont reset them without typing the full command
* changed the min position for almost all skills
* Now player levels autoadvance
* put in a check in selfsphere for remorts 4 and 5
* put in a check in jutsus for elemental spheres
* a legacy adjustment put in getMightrate
* drasticly raised horus for holy aura (2x sanc)
* put in a timer for Powerwords
* now the mud can be started with gdb