Uploaded: 02 Sep, 2009
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Author: Xrakisis

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Since last release:
* Condition now shows with identify
* Toughness now shows with identify
* Now all items start off with 100 toughness
* Exp to level now shows in score
* Fix, Players now start at level 1, not 0
* Tons of cosmetic work done
* Legacy now affects ac
* Exp lowered
* Now Players start as Avatar
* Players stay avatar, even after decap
* Weaponenhance, Armorenhance take out of racepowers, since a sphere gets them
* stats variable fixed
* nice new damaged meter
* buffer code redone
* boards worked on
* Score worked on
* Safetimer on death
* new generated look descriptions..
heres what u see when u look at me, Xrak :)
"Xrakisis has blue-green eyes, is broad with a protruding beer belly,
He has albino skin, as white as snow and short white hair. "
* Mindcloud religions