Uploaded: 26 Aug, 2010
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Author: Xrakisis

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The Hybirds Cotn, started from Dystopia 1.2.7.

Chanes since last release:
* Rare load ratio can be changed with ccenter
* Familars
* Assigned base classes with BASE_CLASS bit and hybrid classes with HYBRID_CLASS bit
* Balance worked on a ton and hybrid damage vs base greatly reduced
* Overall damage dropped
* Combat slowed down a great deal
* Druid, Shadow Dragon, Gold Dragon, Silver Dragon, Shadow fiend, STalker, Hellspawn,
Black assassin, vampiric mist hybird classes put back in. (tons of fixes)
* List/Cell snippet put in
* cprintf put in
*Wilderness put in
* help credits worked on a good deal
* Detox fixed and enabled
* now players can see xcenter
* symbiote info put in pstat
* Life stones put in, forge them for +1k hp, cost 1mill qp
* race and god chosen in creation.
* all the nanny messages made purdy
(110 changes since last release, not all listed)