Uploaded: 25 Mar, 2011
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Author: Kline

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GodWars MUD 'The Vortex' released on 01 Apr 03. This was initially provided to Game.org and Kyndig.com but seems to have not survived the times in making it into the MB.net archive.

Notable features:
Some data stored in SQL.
Some commands/funcs (mostly class logic) split into individual .so (shared object; dll) files that can be reloaded in memory without a server reboot.
Central "control panel" to globally adjust all combat (and more) values in-game to tweak balance and appearance.
A module system that makes it very simple to add/remove/modify classes to the game.

Full credits to all the people over the years up to release day: Satan, Sluggo, Fang, Chasm, Kale, Kline, Loimos. Game derived from the original work of Richard Woolcock (KaVir).