Uploaded: 18 Jul, 2011
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Author: Vaughan Wynne-Jones

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This is a remake of an old Windows 95 client of the same name, by the same author. It has several features:
*A unique Defcon system, allowing for different action sets depending on the level of Defcon
*A flexible scripting language for triggers, aliases, and more
*Three customisable boxes for representing need-to-know information like HP, MP or SP, and Carry (the defaults)
*Graphical representations for exits in the current room which also serve as buttons for mouse navigation
*A section for commonly used commands such as 'kill' and 'look at'
*Mouse based actions, i.e., clicking the text of an object's name to look at it
*Targetting system

The client was written for use on LP Muds, specifically Nuclear War, which the author played extensively under the name Proteus Prostate.