Uploaded: 29 Oct, 2014
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Author: Koqlb

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Numerous MUDs have a character validation system. Well now you can toO!
It's not like the one on my MUD exactly, but it's a basic skeleton. You can customize
this code any way you like (just leave my credit at the top of it, or in the helpfile).
This allows a character to be "validated" by an immortal, and be able to use
channels, write notes, pk, etc. And no other "custom" MUD has EVER posted
their validation code, or any in that matter for a snippet use.
The options are up to you!
P.S. There's a bug in the code that won't work. In merc.h section, where you define
IS_VALIDATED, put this instead:

#define IS_VALIDATED(ch) (IS_SET ((ch)->act, PLR_VALIDATED)

I've updated the snippet as well.