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I've looked at all other automatic startup scripts out there. Used to use perl script… Hated it.
Tried again, and couldn't get it to work… Since Linux shells use bash anyways, it's so much easier
to use a bash script itself.
What to do:
Download and place anywhere in your home directory.
change the directories to match the location of your MUD's startup script file. (most ROM muds are in <folder>/area/)
Edit your crontab either via crontab -e (a vi editor) or your webmin/usermin crontab settings ( has usermin)
Vuala. Every 10 minutes it checks to see if your startup script is running and if not, runs it.
If it's running it simply outputs the grep signal. Of course you won't see this if it's in your crontab.
When you run it with & it automatically kills the ./ file after executing and starting the MUD.
Works for me!

UPDATE: There was a small bug… Replace the process name "subvis" with your exe file's name, whether it be ROM, or whatever.
DO not put quotes. I noticed by doing so, it would go ahead and grep the executable, and then it would load the startup script even if "rom" was running. Therefore resulting in MANY little "already in use" log files… You don't want that. ;) Fixed it..