Uploaded: 05 Jan, 2015
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Author: Koqlb

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Additions to the previous Immortal Spellup command. This includes spellup "types", and allows mobs to use their OWN
set of "spellup types" for players (for use in mprogs). Includes instructions on how to install this for mobprog use.
Otherwise, the code is just filler code.
Changes other than above:
- Mobs can't use player arguments, and players can't use mob arguments.
- Spell lookup call is redundant, so it was removed.
- af.type was changed from sn to the actual skill_lookup of the spell name. This was more secure and less buggy.
- Added a "dispel" type that only COMPLETELY removes all dispels. This specific installation requires my true sight
snippet, and the shields.txt snippet found on this site. You can easilly remove the PLR_JAILED check if you don't have
a jail system in your MUD.
- The level of the spell has been changed to the level of the Immortal or mob using the command. If the mob is ABOVE
max_level, the spell level returns to the max level (to avoid spells being higher than an imps level for regular dispelling purposes).
*** This code was coded, and fully tested, and currently used on Subversive Visions, a modified QuickMUD unlimited bits MUD. ***