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Realms of Aurealis James Rhone aka Vall of RoA

All rights reserved henceforth.

Please note that no guarantees are associated with any code from
Realms of Aurealis. All code which has been released to the general
public has been done so with an 'as is' pretense. RoA is based on both
Diku and CircleMUD and ALL licenses from both *MUST* be adhered to as well
as the RoA license. *** Read, Learn, Understand, Improve ***


What is this RoA MUDBase?

The RoA MUDBase is a MUD. If you do not know what a MUD is, delete all of
this and find a new hobby. This MUD is designed for Online Creation.
Everything on the MUD is OLCable (able to be created/edited/deleted) without
touching any code. Usually, everything is alterable online, but for a few
things (hometowns, boards, etc.), one must reboot the MUD. No biggie. No
need to be a coding guru to add nifty mobprocs to your mobs or to add triggers
to particular player actions. Or to add spells to items, or to … well…
take my word for it.

What systems will it run on?

The code was developed on a Red Hat Linux box with ELF support. If you
get a base version to compile on something else, great! It will not compile
as nicely as Circle3.* does on multiple platforms. It DOES compile cleanly
(even -Wall 'd) on linux with no warnings whatsoever. It will definitely
not compile on Win95 out of the box.

*UPDATE* - For new linux releases (5+), some minor mods have to be made
to get the MUDBase to compile. Visit the website for more

What memory and CPU requirements are there?

Well, this can literally be zilch to a TON. For the base version shipped,
you need anything from a 486 on up. Never tried it on a 386, though I don't
think the base version would have much trouble on a 386. Memory is the more
important thing here. Yes, I have included a lot of memory conservative code
all throughout the MUD, however, if the world is large enough, this baby can
consume upwards near 30 or 40 megs of RAM. Let's compare, though. With an
12k room world, this MUD hovers at 20MB of memory usage, slightly more…
slightly less. These are true rooms, not your 1 line, stock Circle Midgaard.
Also, it's taken the builders of RoA/AR about 3 years to generate 12,000
quality rooms. This discounts mobs and objects, and all the goodies that
are associated with them.
So, base system? I would say a minimum requirement of a 486dx66 with 16MB
of RAM. Recommended would be a P133 with 32MB of RAM or higher. I run it at
home with a P200MMX with 32MB of RAM. Of course, if yer on a server where
others are also running stuff (more than likely), you want as much as you
can get.
Bottom line, I believe that this mud is the most memory efficient Diku
derivative out there, bar none. You will see all sorts of things idling
in and out of memory.

What are the usage terms?

None, really… just adhere to the license and I have no problems. If you
want to let me know if you are using this code as a take-off point for your
MUD, I would appreciate it, but I also realize that's probably asking for
too much from most people.

Are there/What are the licensing terms… ?

Oh sure. There are terms. See license.txt.

Will there be any new releases?

Sign up to the mailing list and find out what the plans are. In a nutshell,
YES, there WILL BE ANOTHER VERSION, however I'm not driving the development
of it. That responsibility has been handed off to someone else. Basically,
I've moved on to the client side of things (and a GUI MUD, but we won't go
into that here) and I'm done playing with this code for a very long time.
As of June 2000, the next version (3.0) has NOT been released, although it
is being developed and run at 4000.

RoA MUDBase notes:
Update 6/14/00: WOW. Been a long time. Just included some additional
help files required by the Circle and Diku licenses.
Update 8/22/98: Source code is available in this release…
Update 6/6/98: Source code will be released by late '98. Absolutely no
source will be handed out until then.


I'm officially not supporting this code after the initial drop, but if you run
into MAJOR problems, I will answer your emails in one way or another at

There IS an official mailing list for this MUDBase. Visit the RoA MUDBase web
site for more information on how to get signed up.

The original intent was to spend time cleaning things up and trying
to get multiple platform support like Circle3.* does so nicely, as well as trying
to eliminate any remaining bugs. Things don't always go as planned and I'm aware
that I dropped things a bit earlier than originally scheduled. This means you
may indeed find a bug or two. AR got common uptimes of 6 - 7 days, however, with
a decent playerbase and 12,000+ rooms, so I'm pretty comfortable with how it's
running, but I'm not guaranteeing anything… The early dropoff also means that
documentation is lacking.. though not ONLINE documentation. Help files (roughly
600-700 of them) are written and shipped (thankx to Lorbache and Numair of AR for


Main RoA MUDBase Home Page:

Primary beta test site: Aurealan Realms 4000