Uploaded: 05 Sep, 2016
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Author: Vladaar

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This is the whole complete mud -> DONE. CUSTOM created areas, CODING, all done.

Just didn't want to see it never used, feel free to use. Please email me if you do, I'd love to see what others do with it. Who knows I might be a player for you at some point.

If you want to see what the game code looks like the current game runs 6dragons.tk port 4100.

This compiles cleanly on Ubuntu using gcc 6.2

Latest changes
08/31/2016 cure affliction now cures more ailments the higher level the
08/31/2016 Druids and Angels now get Sanctuary at level 98
09/02/2016 Fixed a crash bug in send_tochannel function
09/02/2016 Sorc eror class given create food spell
09/03/2016 players can now join Halcyon clan, although they are only neutral
in their actions, they can still be attacked as all players are
player killers in this game.
09/03/2016 You can now get some fitful sleep dozing off in your saddle, which
wont be as effective as sleeping on the ground. Unless your a
crusader or shadowknight, then you are used to sleeping in the saddle.
09/03/2016 fixed a out of bounds array with pc_display
09/03/2016 fixed arrays with dragonic trade and lumber trade
09/04/2016 Fixed a bug with tanned items saying only a massive dragon can