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Version 2.20 November 17, 1993 ——————————– New features: o A completely new output buffering system which is far more network-efficient, and somewhat more memory- and speed-efficient, than the original Diku system. Definitely a major win for people with slow Net links. (Details available by request, but this was discussed on rgmd recently.) Several other functions (such as do_where() and do_who()) have been rewritten to take advantage of the new system. o Redesigned stat screens with better readability o Command-line substitution via the "^" character (works identically to the csh command) o Code sent by Jeff Fink (thanks Jeff!): Help now handles ambiguous cases correctly (i.e., "help color" will give you help for color and not colorspray) o vstat command to stat mobiles and object by virtual number o updated documentation And, bug fixes of varying degrees of severity: o SunOS Bus errors on stealing o +hit item bug o Switched immort re-login bug o Mob memory bug o Poison/Stat bug (I think this one is native to Diku Gamma 0.0 – the function hit_gain was responsible for subtracting hits when a char is poisoned, so you'd lose hits when someone statted you.) o Stat room bug under Solaris and IRIX o Ungroup bug o "goto 3.guard" now works (takes you to the third guard instead of room 3) o various other minor fixes This release information was taken from the document located at this URL.