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Author: Xrakisis

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This is a Dystopia 1.4 mud. AOH has a Copper, Silver, Gold currency System. The world is completly custom… all original Areas. There is a Dungeon Tower area which is a good place for any level charachter to exp. There are 200 charachter levels. Levels give Hp, mana and move not train.. Str, Con and Dex autoadvance as the player exps. Slash, Slice etc replaced with 19 Weapon types dagger, polearm, club, warhammer etc.. save.c will need an additional 7 or so %d's for weapons…. This is a Classless Mud. There are 22 Spheres of power and a player may select 5 +1 per remort up to 8 spheres via the selfsphere command. There are 60 races with their own powers, resistances, vulnerabilites, and immunities(selfrace). Once a player reaches level 200 they may Ascend to Archdemon or ArchAngel. At level 200 players may remort to start over at level 0 keeping their spheres; each remort starts you with higher hp/mana/move. There is a parry/dodge like ability shield block.. when wearing a shield chance to block attacks..