Uploaded: 18 Jun, 2006
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Author: Darmond

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This is my first ever functioning piece of code as well as my first ever donation. This code functions to increase one's strenght via doing pushups. It can easaly be expanded to increase other stats as well. there are now three types Randome, Set , and a combanation of the two so the type used is up to the descression of the person using it. more experianced coders might want to tweek the numbers a bit to make it fit better for there muds but this set up should work even on a stock rom ( tested it a few times but still things happen) .so basacoly if you like it great if not it should be a good place to help one get started in makeing a better function.

If there are any problems or issules please let me know so i can fix them cas im still new at this and could easaly have missed something.