Uploaded: 22 Jul, 2006
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Author: Midboss

Downloads: 160

This is a simple minigame where players compete to see who can off the most mobs within 2 minutes in a 3 by 3 arena. I decided to do this following a post Osiris made on TMC's forums in which he jokingly asked if "Whack-a-Troll" would count as a derivitave work.

Revision: Kyndig is now a default troll, worth a whopping 25 points! Thanks to Conner for pointing that out.

Revision: Fixed an oversight that was causing the game to abort almost randomly. It should be in working order now.

Revision: Accidentally uploaded it with the testing pulse timers (10 and 5 seconds) instead of the actual 60 second and 10 second timers last time… Oops.