Uploaded: 22 Jul, 2006
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Author: Midboss

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This snippet is a set of fight.c modifications that make each stock weapon type different from the others.

Swords will (very rarely) attack two enemies in one round, daggers deliver an extra hit, spears apply dexterity as additional damroll, axes can deal critical hits, polearms are able to keep your opponent out of attacking range (an extra defense like dodge), maces can knock your opponent down, flails will daze your opponent, and whips will apply intelligence as additional damroll. If you can't guess, I didn't have many good ideas for whip or spear, so if you come up with something better, email me, and I'd be glad to revise the file, and give you a mention.

Revision: I made an oversight with the sword ability that rendered it completely useless… What I get for coding when I'm a little tired. Anyway, it's fixed now.

Revision: Whips now have a chance to automatically disarm an opponent when parrying or parried, rather than additional damage.