Uploaded: 08 Sep, 2006
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Author: Revar

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This is TinyMUCK 2.2fb6.00 (FuzzBall 6.00), a programmable, player
expandable, multi-user adventure game. Please see the CHANGES file
for a list of changes from the previous version.

TinyMUCK was derived from TinyMUD v1.5.2, with extensive modifications.
There were two new commands: @action and @attach, and two new flags:
CHOWN_OK and JUMP_OK. It also has options for users of FireFoot's patches.

Note: TinyMUCK will read, without modification, any TinyMUD databases.
This version of TinyMUCK is backward compatible in terms of
databases with all previous MUD/MUCK databases, but it writes
out databases in it' own unique format.