Uploaded: 18 Jan, 2007
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Author: Flugh

Downloads: 1659

QuickMUD is a Rom24b6 codebase with the following major features added:

** OLC 1.81
** Lope's Color 2.0
** Erwin's Copyover
** Erwin's Noteboard
** Color Login

It is still basically a "stock" ROM server. The functionality of the code hasn't been modified much except for the addition of OLC. Changes are pretty much limited to cosmetic features, like color login. If you want to start your own ROM based server, this code can give you a quick start with some standard 'extra features' already implemented. However, for the sake of the mudding community at large, don't just download this code, compile it, and advertise it on MUD websites as "a highly modified ROM codebase". Spend some time developing it. The world doesn't need another cookie-cutter MUD.