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Author: Earl Miles

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* Mail 2.12
* <C> 1991, 1992 By Merlin <of Chaos> <Earl Miles>
* <Scrambling algorythm by Bob Blaylock, used with permission.>
* To be put on a mailing list for future upgrades, please send a message to
* "". You may also send suggestions and bug
* reports. Or don't if you prefer. This copyright does require that any
* modifications you make the program not be distributed, and in fact be sent
* to Merlin at the previous address, for reference and possibly inclusion into
* future versions. <i.e, I let you play with my software, you give me your
* mods to it. Fair enough? I didn't think so.>
* It used to be that unauthorized distribution was punishable by
* tinycastration. Well, that not only no longer applies <to this or
* any earlier version> but I wouldn't have done it anyway.
* This program has acquired a case of the feeping creatures. I really don't
* know where they came from, but they struck. And it's fulluv'em.