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Site news and other MUD relevant announcements.
Topics: 9
Replies: 78
Got a question? A suggestion for improvement? Just feel like shooting the breeze? Go ahead and post it here.
Topics: 15406
Replies: 30101
A forum for discussing articles. Topics are automatically generated.
Topics: 36
Replies: 233
Discuss issues relating to custom codebases.
Topics: 63
Replies: 1139
Having an issue with PHP? Perl? Something else related to your MUD's website? This is the place.
Topics: 74
Replies: 1194
Discussion of general coding and design issues which do not specifically apply to any one codebase.
Topics: 8783
Replies: 22315
Topics: 33
Replies: 842
Need help with an IMC2 issue? Have a nifty new suggestion to offer? This is the place!
Topics: 5784
Replies: 5918
Need help with an Intermud-3 issue? Have a nifty new suggestion to offer? This is the place!
Topics: 9
Replies: 23
Discussions regarding Ruby, etc.
Topics: 89
Replies: 1214
C and C++ specific discussions.
Topics: 120
Replies: 1357
Java specific discussions
Topics: 8
Replies: 83
Lua based discussions
Topics: 15
Replies: 210
Python specific discussion
Topics: 37
Replies: 291
Javascript, node.js, embedded javascript, lets hear your thoughts.
Topics: 6
Replies: 32
Discuss issues relating to DikuMUD and its derivatives.
Topics: 34
Replies: 580
Discuss issues relating to LPC based code and derivatives.
Topics: 19
Replies: 193
Discuss issues relating to TinyMUD and its derivatives (TinyMush, PennMush, RhostMush, TinyMUX, BattleMUX, Fuzzball Muck, LambdaMOO and ColdC).
Topics: 24
Replies: 115
Discuss issues relating to NakedMUD
Topics: 23
Replies: 270
Discuss general legal issues pertaining to the operation of MUDs and the distribution of codebases.
Topics: 58
Replies: 2146
Have a question about administration issues? Need some advice, or have some to offer to others? This is the place.
Topics: 117
Replies: 2356
Issues relating to area building and world design. Let your creative voice be heard!
Topics: 114
Replies: 2010
Need to get the word out about your MUD? Seeking staff to help with your project? This is the place to do it.
Topics: 607
Replies: 4142
For people who manage their own servers, or want to.
Topics: 52
Replies: 616
Please see [url=]this post[/url] for details.
Topics: 12
Replies: 108
This form is for discussing client development, as well as customization of the many clients out there.
Topics: 38
Replies: 803
Any aspect of game creation that does not fit into another forum.
Topics: 74
Replies: 1105
Only visible to mods and admins - posts get added here when a user clicks 'report post' They cannot see the thread.
Topics: 135
Replies: 150