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In a world of endless summer life seems perfect. Carefree and laid back, but a sinister shadow looms just on the horizon. Do you have what it takes to secure that peace you hold so dear? Above is a short explanation of the theme of the mud. It is 18 and up only, r rated and up, and will be generally adult oriented. As in it will have sexual content, adult situations, and adult language. The source used is coded in c, using the smaug code base. What I am seeking are coders and builders at least 18 years of age or older to help bring this vision to life. As for coders there are several requirements. First and most important is a working knowledge in c. You need not have a masters from MIT, but you must know how to write functioning code. Second and just as important is you must not be easily offended. This will be a place where people can express their fantasies in a safe environment. We do not shame anyone for their dark corner kinks. Third is time to devote to the position. If you agree to help with the game, then I will expect you to write code in a reasonable time frame. It is volunteer so I do understand you may have a paying job, and that comes first. Just try and devote as much time as you can. Fourth is drive. You need to have the drive to code and further the game. Last but not a requirement is knowledge with the smaug code base. It is preferred, but not a requirement. As for builders the above, excluding knowledge in c goes. Though knowledge in the use of merc olc systems is preferred. If interested contact me at amandashay54@gmail.com, or you can log into summertime, hostname the3beers.com, port 2222. I hope to have you join the development team.