14 Nov, 2008, Idealiad wrote in the 1st comment:
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With some new building projects on deck I've been looking around again to see what tools are out there to build with offline. I've nothing against OLC (I like OLC a lot) or building online (I love building and chatting). However typically I do everything first in a notebook anyway, so a few times I've searched, without success, for a graphical offline tool. I'm wondering if anyone has suggestions.

I'm not looking for tools like Gammon's editor, or the ACK mud editor and so forth. While these are great what I'm really looking for is something with a map view, and preferably a map you can zoom in and out of to see increasing levels of detail (maybe those editors actually can do that and if so please let me know).

Here at MudBytes I got a copy of Genesis, which actually looks pretty cool; does anyone know if the developer for that is around or if there's a homepage for that somewhere? [eta - I found an old looking copy of the website – but not much else] Also at the TMC resources page I found the Visual Mud.net builder, which also looks good though it seems a little wonky on my system.

Also I've played around some with the dot language of Graphviz, and while that seems cool it'd be nice to have a more full-featured and domain-specific tool if there's one already out there.

Then there are some IF tools like the IFMapper, which does in fact have a zoom view, but it's not really purposed for making a mud area though it's fairly close.

Needless to say I'd have to be able to have a lot of control over the output file. Anyway, I'm hoping someone knows of something I've missed.
14 Nov, 2008, Kline wrote in the 2nd comment:
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I don't remember the full details of AVAE (ACK!MUD Visual Area Editor), but I know it has an in-game view, I think complete with automapper. Really just an emulated telnet so it's more like OLC. No zoom, but it is open source (so do with it as you will :). It also has fully customizable output files via a XML template system if I remember right. Might be worth giving a look and maybe just tweaking the parts that aren't quite how you want them (it's Java).

14 Nov, 2008, Zenn wrote in the 3rd comment:
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For mapping, I personally recommend Portal GT's mapper. It's quite nice.