05 Jan, 2013, Tijer wrote in the 21st comment:
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if you check the thread on mudconnector, alvin and locke connect from the same IP!!
but who knows if the alvin that connected isnt infact locke… anyways that thread id dead now seeing as both locke and alvin are banned from mudconnector..
05 Jan, 2013, Ssolvarain wrote in the 22nd comment:
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Davion said:
I'd repost, but the lol cannot be captured with a copy and paste :D

I've always enjoyed watching Locke play out over time. Seeing it in its entirety all at once doesn't do it justice.
06 Jan, 2013, Exodus wrote in the 23rd comment:
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Tyche said:
Here's a sample:

What did I just watch?
07 Jan, 2013, Kjwah wrote in the 24th comment:
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Davion said:
For what it's worth, I'm not entirely convinced that Alvin is said Locke. A partner, associate of sorts, perhaps. So I can say without absolute certainty that this probably isn't Locke, maybe. :devil:

I know Locke, I've worked with him on NiMUD, I can't tell if it is or isn't… :/ lol I hate the hole he dug himself and I hope he redeems himself and climbs out but I don't see it happening, the community is too anal to let it happen I think on top of his apparent trolling/insanity. take it as you will.

I mean that I have worked with him on NiMUD4+ projects, not the isles stuff, I had nothing to do with that and we're not like close friends and shit, just that I've donated bug fixes and helped where I could to make his base expand. I also always included proper credits in my MUDs(I never had one, I only do stuff cause it's fun. :)) so don't try and throw me in the fire or I'll do nasty stuff to you and we'll leave it at that. :)