07 Feb, 2013, Keiden wrote in the 1st comment:
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I have installed Virtual Box and within i installed Ubuntu. I have a circle mud cleanly compiled , and running. I know where to find my IP Address , but its a weird number , not like the one given to me under Win7. Is it even possible to connect to your mud that is running on the Virtual Box? Or am i just missing packages that allow outside connections to connect to a running program such as a mud.

Edit: I CAN connect from within Ubuntu , using TF <oddball IP given> <port> , but i want to be able to connect from outside the VM.
07 Feb, 2013, Newt wrote in the 2nd comment:
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To connect from outside is going to require your external IP. And unless you are directly connnected to the 'net you'll need to set up port fowarding to the machine you are on. Not sure if virtual box introduces any extra hoops to jump thru.
07 Feb, 2013, Exodus wrote in the 3rd comment:
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Check the network settings on the VM instance. Bridged mode attached to the physical adapter you have connected to your network should work fine. I'd also ensure that you have a static IP from your router set up and then configure your router to use port forwarding for telnet traffic to the port of your mud to the static IP you have set.


Static IP of VM instance:
Port of MUD: 4000
Port forwarding: telnet port 4000 to

You can also use a Dynamic DNS service such as freedns.afraid.org to point a domain name you own to your public IP given to you by your ISP to allow players to connect to yourdomain.com port 4000 and it'll connect straight to your VM instance.
08 Feb, 2013, Keiden wrote in the 4th comment:
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I am using wireless network adapter. And i dont have access to the router that im currently using. I did find port forwarding on Virtualbox. I set up a new port forwarding rule for tcp protocol. Host IP ,Host Port , Guest IP, Guest Port. I can get it working when i use as the host IP , 4000 as port , then as guest IP and 4000 as guest port, i can connect through Zmud to host port 4000. but using that ip only i an connect to the mud, right? so i tried changing the Host IP to my actual IP in the port forwarding. but now i can not connect to the mud.

Edit: I just took off the port forwarding rule and changed it to bridged and it works fine now , i will sign up for the Dynamic DNS service later tonight and see if i can get that working right , so that i dont have to worry about a changing IP address. Thank you for your help. I may be posting again asking more questiong about the Dynamic DNS service
08 Feb, 2013, Exodus wrote in the 5th comment:
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Yeah, port forwarding on Virtualbox isn't going to do it for you. If you want anyone outside your VM instance to connect, they need to connect to the IP on your LAN. If you want people outside your LAN to connect, you'll need routing.