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created: September, 2002
codebase: [GodWars] Dystopia 1.4
site: godwars.net 2851 []
email: marcusironfist@hotmail.com
theme: Player Kill
connect: Age of Heroes 2
homepage: Age of Heroes 2
Location: USA
Primary Language: English
Minimum Players: Under 10
Mapping: Ascii, Graphical, Automapping, Static
Crafting: Custom Crafting System, Players can create new items, Players can modify existing items
Multi-Play: Yes
Player-Kill: Yes
Extended Race Selection
Extended Class Selection
Equipment Saved
Character Approval Unnecessary
Ansi Color
Roleplaying Is Accepted
Newbie friendly
Currently Hiring Builders
Supports MSP
Pueblo Enhancements
Supports MCP
Supports MXP
Clans Offered
Detailed Character Creation
Player Crafting System
Player-Run Cities
Screen-Reader Friendly
Xterm 256 Color Support
World is all original
Small World (under 3,000 rooms)
Mud is fully operational

Age of Heroes 2.0 by Xrakisis
The Best Mud youve never played

-dynamic room descriptions
-Player Towns and Armies
-Players start off bard, and can choose any configuration
of spheres. Or Choose from 4 classes and be assigned several
spheres, the rest up to user preference.
-Mage, Demon, Angel and Ninja Classes
-Low Demon/Ninja
-Mage is Dystopian Lich/Mage
-Angel is an expanded/customized Dystopian Angel Class
-Xcenter, class balancing utility installed
(allows imm to change number attacks, damcap, wpnlvls, parry or dodge)
-Remorts (up to 7)
-5 spheres + 1 per remort
-70 Races
-Race only skills/spells
-Race only vulnerabilities, immunities, resistances
-Fight Styles
-Auto-generated player description
-Height and weight
-All custom Areas. 100% Custom World
-Platinum, Gold, Silver, Copper currency
-Shops (autoclaim when you buy something)
-Dragonlance pantheon of dieties
-Convert to change platinum, silver, copper to gold
-Player Legacy (hr, dr, dc, ac)
-Exp that doesnt cap at 2 billion
-Custom weapon types
(shortsword, longsword, mace, flail, whip etc
not slash, pierce etc)
-Attacks go to the victims body parts
-damage reduction for armor worn in slot
-chance for armor to be damaged in slot
-damage increase for no eq in slot
-Shield block/Phase
-Customized sacrificing
-Auto-advancing player levels (200 per remort)
-Buffer code redone
-[NEW]Custom Material code
-222 item materials, material listed before item name
-destroy command to harvest an item for its material
-materials command to view raw materials accumulated
-forge armor out of 2 materials.
-smith weapons from 2 materials
-forged items can be destroyed and both materials harvested
-Mix, mix 2-3 things to make an alloy
-Alloy command to list current ammount of alloys
-All eq in game has a material type and any object that can
be picked up can be harvested for its resources.
-Mine code for Stone, Ore, Iron, Silver, Gold,
-Chop command to get wood.
-Boss mobs with good eq (help bosses)
-Randomly loading heroes (name generated by race and sex)
-[NEW]Custom Army System
my alt fighting 2 hero mobs with armies…

Round: 4][Distance: 500]
You attack with:
[Your damage: 0]
[Your army of: 11672977 attacks Their army of:125592]

[You deal 0 damage against their armies 25991900 Total Health
[Your Army damage: 0]
You are attacked by: 185 Trebuchets,
[You are attacked and take :1850 damage]
[Your army is attacked and takes :368150 damage]
You are attacked by: 197 Trebuchets,
[You are attacked and take :1970 damage]
[Your army is attacked and takes :392080 damage]

next round…
[Round: 5][Distance: 400]
You attack with: 50314 Scorpions, 35340 Catapult, 900309 Archers,
[Your damage: 18000]
[Your army of: 11672058 attacks Their army of:125592]
[You deal 105379187 damage against their armies 25991900 Total Health
[Your Army damage: 105379187]

-profession and guild in creation:
–Mercenary –Soldier
–Cleric –Monk
–Thief –Assassin
–Knight –Barbarian
–DarkHand –Guardian
–Beast –Damned
–Crusaders –Druid

Wokanist: elemshift, gasbreath, naturesfury
Combat1: leech, bladejump, ironclaw, kakusu, fightdance
Combat2: bomuzite, superberserk, shouldercharge
Combat3: entomb, spikes, unnerve, dtrick
Combat4: desanc, shatter, enrage
Aeromancer: disperse, enfold, evaporate, updraft, aero hoana, chagi,
aeblade, tornado
Enchantment: weaponenhance, armorenhance, caust, immolate,
freezeweapon, poisonblade
Enhancement: nightsight, graft, darktendrils
Healing: heal, regenerate, regrow
Hydromancer: hydro, cbreath, frosthands, soothe, wash fluidity, aqua,
viunemto, storm
Geomancer: solidify, rockslide, earthshatter, earthswallow eagra,
inos, yaoe, easpi, eshina, sha
Transmuter: zuloform, change, dragonform, mask, camouflage, bonemod
Illusionist: clones, formillusion, grab, shadowplane, shadowsight
Diviner: scry, readaura, gleam, reveal
Abjurer: dimensiondodge, holyaura, shield
Necromancer: creepingdoom, powerword, darksummon, fleshportal
Pyromancer: flameblade, firebreath, magma, enflame, fagra, bae,
taiegra, ennotate, lava, torra
Animal: sclaws, claws, fangs, rend, talons, burrow
Animal2: quills, roar, flameclaws, skin
Chaos: chaossurge, chaosgate, chaosmagic, chaosshield, chaos
Shadow: vensai, butomi, sami, sautchen, daemi, saubutomi
Holy: shoju, mian, goazento, hishu, beoutu, yu
Moon: moonbeam, moongate

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[–] [FLTCHR 2 ] [ARMOR 1 ] | [WEAPNS 1 ] [LEATHR 1 ] [–]
[–] [POTONS 1 ] [FOOD 1 ] | [DRINK 3 ] [XXXXXXXX ] [–]
[–] [SORCRY 10] [HOUSE 10] | [BARRAX 10] [TEMPLE 1 ] [–]
[–] [ARENA 1 ] [HOUSE 4 ] | [HOUSE 1 ] [HOUSE 1 ] [–]
[–] [HOUSE 1 ] [HOUSE 1 ] | [HOUSE 1 ] [HOUSE 1 ] [–]