14 Apr, 2013, Casadonarpg wrote in the 1st comment:
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Casadona is a text-based role playing game in the making. We plan on building Casadona from the ground up with a custom C++ codebase. We are, specifically, looking for someone who has experience with C++, students welcome.

Please be aware that our team is made up of volunteers, because we know the potential Casadona has to be a hit. We are able to make little to no payments for work. If you choose to do this, especially students, this could be a great experience for you to learn and add to your portfolio. Also, if you choose to join our team, rest assured that you will be of Admin/god level in the game and will share in any profits made.

Certain aspects, just to name a few, of Casadona that we plan to implement: Seafaring abilities, the ability to travel to other worlds, the ability to become a demi-god or possibly even a god. In depth player ran clans, guilds, cities and divine orders. There will be bloodlines and player families and PvP combat, along with much more! Casadona will be a big hit, will you join in on the creation?

If you are interested or have any questions, please send me a message or send me an email at Casadonarpg@gmail.com
14 Apr, 2013, Orrin wrote in the 2nd comment:
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I've got a few questions if you wouldn't mind providing some more information:

  • Given that you're specific about using C++ I'm assuming you have a fair bit of code already. If so, how complete is it?

  • Is whoever wrote the existing code still on staff?

  • Can prospective staff log in and look at the work so far?

  • How many team members do you have and what are their roles and experience (in general terms)?

  • How much of the design has been done?

  • How much of the world building has been done?

I think it would help your advert if you posted the answers here, but if you'd rather not feel free to contact me by PM instead.
15 Apr, 2013, Casadonarpg wrote in the 3rd comment:
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I will go ahead and answer two of those questions in one shot. Our old coder did some of the work in C++ and at one point we were able to login and see the work. And no, he is no longer with us for personal reasons.

At this point, there is no server up and running. However, we do have a forum when our team is working out certain aspect of the game in which we want implemented.
We have three members in our team leadership, including myself. We are all trying to better our understanding of coding using C++. With that said, should someone join us as a coder, we would gladly like them to join us as a partner. Thus, they would share in any profit made by the game in the future.

I, myself, have over a decade experience playing text based games, namely IRE (Iron Realm Entertainment) games and Avalon (Legends and First Age). I feel I know what it takes to put together a well-made MUD, visual wise. I also have experience with some web design and website maintenance, and I would take care of the cost of upholding the website and domain. The same for the other two members on the team, experience-wise, however the other two members on the team are slightly more knowledgeable with coding than I am.

Most of what weve been doing is working on the forum, fleshing out guild skillsets, how they will work and what each skill looks like when a player uses said skill. City, guild and Divine order structures, general skillsets, trade skills, emotes, and other interesting ideas that I prefer to keep private for now.

Since we are, at current, unable to login to the game, we have mapped out a few important places along with their descriptions to make it quicker to implement rooms and locations in the game once we can get on there and begin building. Again, most of this information is on the forum.

So to sum it up, basically we are looking for a partner who is knowledgeable with coding, most preferably C++, and who would also have an equal say in how the game is ran.
If you would like any other information, please ask and I will try and answer as soon as possible!
24 Apr, 2013, Casadonarpg wrote in the 4th comment:
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I would also like to note that we've opened a new website: Official Casadona Website, in which we will slowly be adding information regarding Casadona as it becomes available. We welcome everyone to take a look and also join our public forum if you have any questions or concerning, etc!