02 Jul, 2013, mpvmud wrote in the 1st comment:
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I am looking to start up my almost 20 year old mud again. Mid-life crisis, I do not know but I know I miss the environment of building and the social aspect.

So what am I looking for? Someone to help take the stress of the coding situation off my hands. I am more of a builder and in game admin then I am a coder. I can do minor coding but there is a lot to work on in the game to balance spells and skills, go over areas, and make sure everything is up to par to start working on a ptest.

Features of the mud:
OLC: built into the mud. The mud has a modified version of NiMUD OLC.
World: Totally original world. 120 open areas with 19348 rooms.
Theme: Pure PK with a Fantasy theme.
Story: The mud has a nice story that was created and updated by myself about 5 years back.
Character Creation/modification: The mud has a very extensive character creation system when you roll. You have the choice of 24 different races, 12 for each faction. In game you have character modifications with the use of the implant system, remort system, and guild system.
Mapping: The mud has a built in over head mapping system which I modified myself.
Classes or Classless: This mud has classes, Warrior, Mage (with the choice of which school you want to specialize in), healer, assassin.
Code language: C
Code Base: Heavy modified Diku, Merc, and NiMUD OLC
Server: Dedicated server. AMD Athlon x2 64 3.0ghz with 4GB RAM running CentOS 6

A small history of the mud. Void of Reality started out as Midpoint Void in late 1994 early 1995. In 1996 it switched hands and became Midpoint Void 2 aka Void of Reality. In 1998 I took over the mud and have had it ever since. I have done basic coding, heavy map work, heavy skill and spell work, fixed and modified the over head mapping feature. Fixed and modified the implant system.

I have not taken the time to get a webpage back up yet. A old version of the webpage can be found here: Midpoint Void 2 Webpage and you can connect to the mud by going to mpvmud.org port 7777. I am open to any new ideas once the basics are done (pretty much some small bug fixes). If you are interested in checking out the place or talking to me, head to the mud itself and leave a note or you can email me at thedoctord3(at)gmail(dot)com

Thank you for your time!