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In the days before history itself, back in the days of the ancients, the great men of magic ruled the world. One power hungry mage by the name of Bythus soon declared himself leader by banishing seven good ancients into the netherworld, with one incredible spell. As Bythus' power grew, he began using slaves to build a great city. Bythar was founded as the first city as a tribute to the great tyrant Bythus. Soon after, the remaining good mages began to fear Bythus and did all they could to banish him, but to no avail. The leader of this movement, Kryalis, was turned into a ghost and is rumored to still haunt the ancient areas of Bythar that exist today. Bythus created orcs and dark elves as his minions with the help of the dark lord, Krag, in order to destroy the opposing ancients. However, in a final attempt to stop the imposing doom upon the world, the ancients joined together to reign destruction upon the city of Bythar. By an incredible fluke of nature, Bythus happened to be sleeping in his private home in Bythar at the time, and was crushed under the slave-girl
he was sleeping with at the time (and about 10 tons of stone, too).

mpvmud.org port 7777
Void of Reality is a heavy modified Diku/Merc code base called EmlenMud. Emlenmud is a code base that thrives on Player Killing, xping, and gathering eq to make your character more powerful!

Some of the features:
9 character remorts that allow for you to advance your attributes each remort until you reach racial limits.
24 different races
5 current character classes with 3 more on the way
19,000+ rooms, all original map
Overhead mapping feature (only works with tintin and Zmud)
a very custom character creation

I am looking for players to come and test out skills and spells, report if they seem to work, if spell damage scales correctly, help find bugs and report them. I will consider any feedback good or bad as a way to help make the mud a better place.

The mud has been online since 1994 and is part of the very first Emlenmud which was called Midpoint Void. It has had its part of being built by many players over the past 19 years and each has put a part of them in the mud.

If you would like more info log into the mud, take a look around. Either you will like it or hate it but give it a try!

Thanks for your time!