17 Sep, 2013, mpvmud wrote in the 1st comment:
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So I have been working on reviving my almost 18 year old mud. I have been coding, building, fixing, updating, adding…. and just bouncing all over the place. I start one project, then players ask for something and I drop the one project and turn to another.

So what do I need? Well, I could use some coding help. Someone to step in and help work on the code, update, add new projects.
Projects I would love to see added are:

  • Forging code: being able to go out and collect minerals and allow players to make their own equipment.

  • Questing code: to allow players to do quests for prizes to give them something else to do besides just grind xp.

  • New Classes with unique skills to these classes

  • An enchanting code to allow players to be able to enchant their equipment.

  • I could work on this stuff myself but the point being that I have so much else to work on just makes this a nightmare for one person. I am working on the map itself, help files, skills and spells, balancing as much as possible, and working on making new exciting things for players… I just do not have the time.

    I am also looking for someone with a lot of experience with advertising and promoting and maybe web design to make the website a bit more "enjoyable" to look at as I just used a very old version of Microsoft Frontpage to throw something together quickly.

    Both of these positions are Immortal positions

    A little about the code itself. It is a Diku/Merc hybrid. It has been explained to me to resemble and play like smaug.
    The mud has a unique pvp code that was out in 1995 which boasts two who lists, players from the different alignments do not show names to each other but instead show as A +* Drow *+ is here.
    The mud promotes working as a group with a bonus to experience the more people in a group up to 5 members.
    The mud has a very unique mana and casting code which uses gems to help cast higher spells, give you more casting mana.
    There is an implant code which helps boost players natural attacks and spell abilities along with boosting their natural armor.

    As you see the code has a bunch of cool stuff but I would like to advance it much more but I just am overwhelmed and could use some extra hands to help me out. There are a few players right now but as the mud stands right now without extra help it is in perpetual ptest mode.

    If you would like to check the mud out and see if you would fit or would be a project you would like to work on please connect to mpvmud.org port 7777

    Thank you.
    18 Sep, 2013, mpvmud wrote in the 2nd comment:
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    If you want to shoot me and email you can do that at thedoctord3@gmail.com.
    18 Sep, 2013, Gicker wrote in the 3rd comment:
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    My d20mud code has a crafting and gathering system you could use if you wanted. You can download the codebase at d20mud.com. Let me know if you have questions… there's no documentation provided.
    18 Sep, 2013, Gicker wrote in the 4th comment:
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    Also LuminariMUD which also has a downloadable version of their codebase has an altered version of the code… cleaner, though slightly different functionally, I believe. I believe their site is luminarimud.com.