25 Apr, 2011, Zeno wrote in the 21st comment:
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Another example of how this works:


2 of the posts there are from MUSHclient's forums which was grabbing from MUD_News. One is the topic "Mud from scratch using python?"

The site seems sort of spammy, but it's a direct link to the MUSHclient forum.

Might be the doing of Wes Platt (Brody) though. :P
01 Mar, 2012, Zeno wrote in the 22nd comment:
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TMC will be added to the bot shortly.

I have to custom code Twitter API requests since Iccy's RSS is a bit strange.
09 Oct, 2013, Zeno wrote in the 23rd comment:
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Bump! Some of the feeds died (TMC, obviously since it changed forums) and I'm ramping up activity on it again.

If you have any accounts on Twitter for your MUD, let me know. I'll follow it with the account and occasionally retweet your stuff.
19 Nov, 2013, Zeno wrote in the 24th comment:
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One last bump; as of last night I organized the Twitter account and it shouldn't spam posts anymore. It was using a TMC feed that fed it all posts (instead of new topics) and got hit with a lot of "Re:" posts. It'll now only tweet new topics for TMC (and all the other sites).