20 Mar, 2016, Misery wrote in the 1st comment:
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Hello all,
I would like some thoughts from community regarding a few features. I am writing a C# mud from scratch, reasons are my own, they are valid. I have been programming professional for almost five years in the .NET at a enterprise level. So I naturally went to C# as I also saw some interests. Now that we've moved past the pleasantries let's move on.

This project is relatively new, but I finished the server and client handshaking last night. I also created a GUI that handles the server. In short there will be a GUI that will display server version, hostname and port information. As well as clients connected, and if the server is truly running and of course logging, with other statistical information. I thought this would be a nice change from a terminal type system that has been the traditional way.

My goal here is to move C# codebase to others to use and provided updated and well written code for ease of scaling and rapid development. This would include upgrading systems such as olc etc. I plan to write it all from scratch, so anything would be possible. The idea is to have a fully function system that includes everything needed much like a suite. In all intentions look at it like a Mud Suite with tools. Once I feel I am at working state I do plan on releasing the code base as well.

This is just a hobby project, however I am really enjoying the time spent, so I dont have a plan to stop anytime soon.

Storage (players, items, objects, etc)
* What types of storage would others (devs & players) like the most? (This is a preference but with developing on other muds most devs wish this was just this way or that way).
* Storage would include a database (what types of databases or writing a custom mud database which include queries, would be better?)

Simple Area Creator (GUI or in game)

There are many other features and items I plan to add. However since I will be addressing storing data and retrieving this is what mainly comes to mind. If there are other features or items others believe would be a nice addition to the mud that is or is not listed please reply or send it to me. I will try and keep the same thread and update it as I progress. I am quite open minded and if others like the idea by all means lets make contact. Email: nolanjbradshaw(AT)gmail.com