25 Oct, 2016, Hades_Kane wrote in the 41st comment:
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Ok… apparently I never did take the port 23 stuff out, it had just stopped working and I left it alone, and apparently connecting to EoT via port 23 started working again…

I originally set it up to work on port 23 for a couple of players who had issues connecting, and admittedly to be in one more section of the listings on TMC.

It would definitely stand to reason that's where the multitude of connections are coming from, so I'm going to take the port 23 stuff out so those connections will stop bothering the MUD.

I'm still going to try to find/fix the problem, but hopefully this will make it stop having an adverse affect on the game.

That, and if I can figure out linkdead players reconnecting not having their sockets freed… I think I'll be in the good shape :)
25 Oct, 2016, Hades_Kane wrote in the 42nd comment:
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I removed the port 23 iptables rules where it was forwarding to port 4000 and all of those connections IMMEDIATELY stopped.

Thanks for the help!

I'm going to try to sort out what was making it have an issue in the first place, because I feel like the game should have been able to handle that (and I also need to give this time to make sure the sockets stop climbing), but at least the game should stop breaking now :)

Edited to add: My socket/FD # was 9 whenever I posted this. An hour+ later (and one other character connected since) I log in to a socket/FD # of 10. Woot! Also, a lag issue we've been dealing with (so far) seems to have been cured, as well. Not sure if its directly related to the FDs, the constant near barrage of connections, or me pulling the input stuff out of the descriptor loop, but EoT is a very happy game right now.
25 Oct, 2016, quixadhal wrote in the 43rd comment:
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Cool. Obviously it would be nice if your game didn't have issues, but at least you're no longer pretending to be the TELNET login server, as far as the script kiddies are concerned. :)