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Erion is a large and mostly medieval world where fighters and spellcasters develop their strengths through their class's main stat, and to a lesser degree, level. A mortal can reach a maximum level of 151, where at 150 he or she is considered a Hero and at 151 a Legend. But level development does not end there. An adventurer can advance infinitely by gaining faux levels. Once a Hero, you can remort and add a second class, the first remort costing questpoints, but any second class change thereafter is free. There are eight classes to choose from:

- Archers, fighters who hunt with bows and arrows.
- Clerics, healers and masters of defensive spells.
- Gaians, controllers of the earth.
- Illusionists, masters of deception and tricks of the mind.
- Mages, skilled spellcasters.
- Psionicists, those who harvest power from within themselves.
- Thieves, stealthy pickpocketers who throw stars and potions or wield daggers.
- Warriors, daemon summoners and masters of combat.

A character's first and second class can be changed and players can restart their characters at any time without deleting, allowing new players to test out as many classes as they want without worrying about making mistakes. After a race is chosen in character creation, it can be changed through faux levels, and most races can evolve into stronger versions of themselves. There are various humanoid races available such as Vampires, Elves, Ogres, Dwarves, Illithids, Angels, Pixies, Shadows, and Ratlings, among others. Some of the non-humanoid races include Nekos, Tressyms (winged cats), Hatchlings, Kitsunes, and Kyuubis.

Various features we offer are:
- Mission progress tracking system (for custom-built area quests)
- Accounts that can hold an unlimited number of characters
- Gauntlet area with four difficulty modes
- Various word games such as Scrabble, automated scrambled phrases, and a 'guess the phrase' game
- NPK and Restricted-PK Houses (Clans)
- Player housing and player-run shops
- 20 different leader boards
- Areas built for group challenges and quests
- Solo questing and competitive questing
- Hardcore toggle for players who want monsters to be more challenging
- Player-created channels and channel history that saves through reboots
- Teach skill that allows one player to improve the skill/spell proficiency of another player
- Familiars and their equipment save through quitting and reboots
- Donation pits and house hall/player housing pits and their contents save through reboots
- Weekly automated events (xp, qp, gold events, no quest timers, bloodbaths)
- Potion brewing through alchemy
- Equipment creation by Illusionists
- Equipment modification through runes

Those who are new to mudding can start at our completely customized Newbie University where they can attend lessons on how to mud, make some gold and questpoints, get equipped, and take on some challenging and fun missions.

We would love to see you on Erion!