Elvenblade is a MUD in active development. It is NOT in a production state. It is currently in an OPEN BETA phase. Vernian is a world ravaged by cataclysm, fraying at the edges and worn threadbare from a century of conflict between magic and technology. Do you have what it takes to survive outside the safe havens of the cities or the citadel of Kaldun? Whether you fancy yourself an explorer of the far reaches, a warrior armsmaster, a weaver of potent spells, or a crafter of fine works, you can find your way in the world. The land has need for a champion, to lead it out of the darkness. Will you strike down the magic-wielders of the accursed First Immortal or will you weave that very magic to strike down your foes and smite their ruin across the land? The choice is yours.

Elvenblade features an atmosphere beyond any other mud, something we take a great deal of pride in and continue to work towards. Features that set Elvenblade apart include:
  • A classless learning system wherein players can learn from a pool of common skill sets and also learn a certain number of more exclusive skill sets.

  • An intensive NPC scheduling system that simulates NPCs living out their little digital lives, with over fourty unique schedule actions that these NPCs take, not to mention the custom code present in some NPCs.

  • Dynamic descriptions that change with the time of day, weather, etc.

  • Several races to choose from that instead of being copies of each other with different stats, all have unique, exclusive racial skillsets, their own cultures, and more.

  • Support for many TELOPT features, including MCCP, MSP, MDSP, MSSP, and MXP, to enrich your mud experience with compressed data transition, sound, and extended options not supported in normal MUDs.

  • ALPHA (still in development) support for screen readers for blind or vision-impaired individuals.
The Lands of Aethar is an old SMAUG MUD which ran for over 15 years. Now it has been shut down, but the world remains online, frozen in time as an HTML snapshot. This is the only SMAUG MUD in the world, and one of very few MUDs at all, whose entire universe can be navigated through the mainstream HTML internet.
Duskwood is a fantasy theme MUD.
We had started with stock areas, but while for now, we keep the updated stock areas,
we have add a lot of areas with new server feutures.
We support the idea, that areas must feel alive and have a reason to be created.
So each areas bring something new to the game :)

12 classes, with unique gameplay its one
19 player races
class and level base skill system
quest system
imbue system
craft system
cabals system (like clans)
range battle system
spell combine and stats check system
remort classes (reborn chars with special adds)
and many more…

New players, that have never play a mud, maybe found this mud difficult.
But I promise that if you give some time, you will have a good and always updated hobby :)
After all the implementors are old players, that making this mud for fun, but with love ;P
Great mud with a nice player base, lots of zone's, good quests!
Worlds of Carnage started as a Diku based MUD in the early 90s. It has seen several generations of code improvement and addition and has close to 100 fully developed areas (not auto-generated ones, but honest to God someone worked on them areas…). It supports active multi-classing in a system that doesn't allow for blatantly overpowered combinations and it is a full-time PK MUD. New players are encouraged to start in either Elip (easier leveling) or Elkin (easier access to new user materials and trainers.)
Asgardian Nightmare has a long and successful history. Peaking at a
playerbase of as many as 30 players on at a time, this mud was a very
good mud.

But the mud was closed down for a while.After a long period of downtime
the mud is reopen again for players under a new look and with new Owners
and Immortals, and with a new site. Allow me to describe a little bit
this mud :

One of the most outstanding parts of our mud
is random item generation. It works like the items in Diablo 2, where an
item is assigned prefixes and suffixes that give it extra stat bonuses or

With a huge number of prefixes and suffixes, as well as condition tags,
there are literally millions of possibilities for random items.
Builders are constantly working on new areas, so the mud is constantly
evolving. We offer three tiers of classes, with 21 third tier classes to
choose from, and the option to let your race evolve into one of many new
races as you gain experience.