Simply put, this mud is for everyone who enjoys powerlevelling, new areas,
enjoyable interaction and having fun.

As lovers of the ROT codebase, we have gone through many muds looking at
every aspect of the game: visuals, interface setup, new features, areas,
experience standards, mud model organization.

With Aadarian Realms, we want to go back to the basics and incorporate
interest by having players get the most in game play. Give them action,
experience, exploration–things that will keep their curiosities aroused.

Every major element of the mud is provided to lure the player to see and
experience something from the norm.

In Aadarian Realms - we utilize action in combat, fun in interaction with
others, awe-inspiration from new areas and excitement with mud features.

We want you to take time to get situated in the world and then get moving.
The game is continuous and we feel that keeping the player engaged will
give them full attention in playing and enjoying.

We intend to give you more than what is current. We will continue to
listen to your ideas, suggestions and will implement as much as possible to
keep you happy.

The mud is 70% players - 30% immortals based on what to furnish in the mud
We hope everything you experience/experienced is to your satisfaction and
happiness as we strive to give you what you want–a great but enjoyable

Aadarian Realms has 24 classes in 4 tiers, with 4 combined classes in tier 4.
101 levels of easy levelling.
Devote system to allow heroes to improve their character stats.
Run command to take you to any area from wherever you are.
2 automated quest systems to keep you occupied in your journeys.
Checkstat information to see everything about your race/class/skills.
Storage command for safekeeping large sums of equipment.
Areas mostly original to explore.

We are striving to improve the MUD with many new changes, and fixing any bugs
that do crop up.

The Realm of Aadaria is waiting for you…
Legends of Hatred is the continuation of Moments of Hatred which was
created in 2010 by Jaden. Legends of Hatred (then MoH) started as an
OLD school classic GodWars MUD, based upon Lords of War code from 1998.

Legends of Hatred is one of the MOST unique GodWars muds currently
online. Whilst we feature the standard GodWars classes, ours have
been recoded from the ground up.

We currently have eight Pure Breed classes as well as an additional
twenty-one Hybrid classes.

Some of our features include:
* Account system - Keep all your players together.
* Kingdoms Players can band together and create their own Kingdom.
* Kingdom Equipment Kingdoms can improve their own specialized EQ.
* Kingdom Skills Kingdoms can gain access to additional Skills.
* Arena - Put yourself VS other players to test your Player Kill skills.
* COMPLETELY recoded combat system, you will not find the stock hitroll,
damroll or armour class. (See "statistics" when you connect to the
MUD for more information).
* Overland Map system.
* MUD based Wiki Players can submit their own help files, tutorials,
FAQs, etc to keep help files up to date.
* Modified version of KaVir's MUD Protocol Snippet, which features:
MSSP, MDSP, MCCP, UTF-8 Characters, MXP, 256 Colours and TType.
(Legends of Hatred was the FIRST mud to test KaVir's Protocol
Snippet in 2011 says so in the release notes for the snippet. RoW
= Legends of Hatred.)

16-Sep-2013 Update:

* Treasure chests added
* Weaponskills are NOW weapon types not damage types ie Sword, Hit.
* Gems now have size/quality modifiers.
* Random EQ now loads inside Chests, and has a chance to load with
sockets, to allow insetting of multiple gems
* Forge command removed, now is Inset.
* 'Lotto' system added, can win gold, gems and in time other valuables
as well.

Upcoming features to include:

* Dynamic Areas. (Dungeons/Instances)
* Player Definable who, and score screens.
* Daily Events.
* Monthly PK Events.
* Integrated MUD web page.

and much much more!

In the 3 years since the MUD was created we have logged over 1100
changes to the code!

In the past 2 years Legend of Hatred has gone through MASSIVE changes
to the code, thanks to Jindrak, therefore there may be a lot of things
that don't quite work as expected. If you find anything like this
while playing, please report it so we can get it fixed as soon as

The immortals of Legends of Hatred have been around in the GodWars
scene for a long time, I (Tijer) have been playing GodWars MUDs since
1996 and have ran a String of very successful Muds since 1997.
Jindrak is the creator of the ShyteMUD codebase, and has worked on
his Carnival of Carnage / GodWars: Legends codebases over the past 10
years or so.

Our aim is to make Legends of Hatred, the most stable fun GodWars
MUD that is currently running, we're here to stay.

We're hosted on a VPS that is paid up for another year so there is no
chance of us vanishing like most of the other GodWars muds that
spring up from time to time.. We are well over a year old and are
still working on improving the codebase, daily…

Go to port 3500, to see what you have been missing out
on. A UNIQUE take upon the GodWars genre, with the feel of an OLD

I ALSO offer hosting to GodWars MUDs on, send an email,
and i'll get back to you ASAP.
After a few years in limbo, War of Legend is back! Are you READY??

Are you tired of the same old Godwars muds?
Maybe you like them, but wish there were more classes to choose from.
Perhaps you enjoy a place where you get to completely destroy your enemies.
Does this describe you?

If so, welcome to War of Legend.

Here we offer a broad variety of classes, most of which are completely original and
exclusive to this MUD. Those that aren't original have completely revamped skills
and abilities. With 8 base classes, 24 subclasses, countless variations of each and
hundreds of skills to choose from, you have the ability to customize your
characters like nowhere else.

War of Legend does not play like a typical GodwarsMUD. Statistics play a
significant role in your success. Items are generated with the randomness similar
to that in Diablo II. No two pieces of equipment obtained from creatures are
ever exactly the same. There is also a set of unique items to purchase that
will advance you to the highest levels of strength.

War of Legend offers a special system of forging to enhance and upgrade your
weapons and armor as you see fit. With this system you can advance your
equipment through six tiers of growth, each building on the previous tier.
With socketable jewels that add special bonuses to all of your equipment you can
become a serious force among your adversaries.

Gold is the currency here. With it, you have the means to purchase uniques and
forge your equipment. You can purchase tattoos, which add a vast array of stats
and enhancements to make you stronger. Materia are available, which is an item
that grows as you grow, each with a different and substantially powerful affect.

You will journey through a progression of one hundred levels. At the end of that
journey you will have an opportunity to achieve mastery of your class. With
mastery you gain an item and ability unique to your class that sets you apart
from your peers as well as puts a definitive stamp on that class. With each
passing level you grow in strength, receive access to more skills, and develop
more of a combat prowess.

Combat in War of Legend is dynamic and diverse. Skills and abilities exist that
support ranged combat, stealth combat, damage over time spells, arena combat
and countless other features. The more you fight and win, the stronger you can

So whether you prefer to shoot your enemies from a safe distance with a bow as
a Sentinel, sneak up on them from the shadows as a Ninja, rip them to pieces as
a Demon, lay down the wrath of your god as a Zealot, call upon the forces of
death as one of the Undead, unleash the fury of your fangs and claws as a
Werewolf, or annihilate them with the jumping skills of a Dragoon, come see if
you have what it takes to fight in the War of Legend.

An overview of some of our features:

* Integrated Website (Work in Progress)
* Account based system - keep a track of your characters.
* Huge Overland-Map world system.
* Automated Trivias - Giving rewards for correct answers.
* 8 classes each with 3 Sub-classes giving a total of 24.
* Tracked leaderboard (top/leader) shows whos the best!
* Help by submitting helpfiles @
* Facebook Page @

War of Legend will celebrate its 10 year Anniversary in August 2014.

War of Legend is here for the players… Ideas/Comments/Suggestions are
encouraged to help the improvement of the MUD!

We look forward to seeing you!

@ port 4200

- The Administration
Rebirth of Apocalypse is based upon the once popular
GodWars: Apocalypse codebase. We have been given permission by the
creators to run this fantastic code. We are working on adding new fun
and exciting features to bring this MUD into the 21st century.

For those of you who dont know. GodWars: Apocalypse was created in
1997 by myself and Shimian, after working there for a year i left
and went off to make my own MUDS. In August 2006 i was given a copy
of Apocalypse from 2002, by one of its coders and Majorly modified
that code, which caught the eye of Zoth, one of the coders who had
recoded Apocalypse, to cut a long story short he gave me permission to
run a copy of the code from 2004, which then became Rebirth of

Rebirth of Apocalypse features: Vampires, Werewolves, Demons and

Each of which has what the classes have usually on godwars. Mages and
Highlanders have been recoded, to give them more powers, and more
scope for change.


We have added a PK arena where players can test their skills at PKILL
without the worry of losing status or gaining a death. Players can
bet on arenas using quest points and if the person they bet on wins,
they gain qps + the payoff from the bet.

We are also in the midst of adding and Event System, where players can
join in some games.

Rebirth of Apocalypse does what it says on the tin, its the Rebirth of
the MUD called GodWars: Apocalypse, come join us! Many many people
have returned. 6660 - Rebirth of Apocalypse.
The history of the world tells of great legends, from brave heroes
to the worst of evils. Kingdoms have risen and fallen, wars have been
won and lost, but at the center of each epic conflict has always
simply just been people. Sometimes those from the humblest of origins
can rise to be the world's greatest hero or the world's greatest fear.

Follow in the footsteps of great legends of the past, from Cloud,
Edgar and Cecil to Sephiroth, Golbez and Kefka. Engage in and help
determine the fate of the great Kingdoms of Guardia, Empire and Shin-Ra.
Help shape and become the next epic story within the world that so
many others have left their mark.

With over thirty years having passed since any of the events from
the games within our theme and the great legends of those stories
long since passed, this is your opportunity to become that next great
hero or villain. Explore a rich world, complete with a unique
overworld map, with a deep history comprised of the events from
familiar settings with nine starting races and four starting classes
available. Discover more race options and quest to gain the promotion
classes within the game itself. Customize your character with our
detailed character creation including merits/flaws, and fight your
battles with the aid of fully customizable limit breaks, a deep magic
system with countless possibilities that along with combat overall
has been completely overhauled, the aid of group members and combo
'techniques' that you and your group members can execute, along with
a vast swath of skills and spells, very few which are stock and the
few that are have been completely rewritten, many of which are
evolvable as mastering will lead to entirely new ones.

While our theme encompasses the majority of the Final Fantasy games
with heavy influence from Chrono Trigger/Chrono Cross, familiarity
with these games are in no way necessary to play, enjoy or understand
End of Time. Our game boasts numerous features unique to our game
implemented over literally years worth of development, a friendly
staff and playerbase and an overall laid back, fun atmosphere.
Welcome to Ansalon,

Ansalon is a MUD (Multi User Dimension) where a player can become an imaginary character in the DragonLance world, and interact with other players who are also playing at the same time. Your character can be a Silvanesti Elf, a Neidar Dwarf, a Human, a Minotaur, a fun-loving Kender, or any of a multitude of races. He/she can be a powerful Warrior, stealthy Thief, a devout Cleric, a backwoods Ranger, a mystic Mage, a martial Monk, and more!

Ansalon is a mud thats been around for a long time, in fact Ansalon has been up and running for 20 years, and is a stable, well-developed world, with custom code and custom areas to explore. There are always immortals around who are very helpful and open to the constantly changing wants and needs of players.

Ansalon is always looking for new players with new stories to tell and new conflicts to insight. Speaking of stories, check out our stories page!! Thousands of stories from 2000 through now! Read them by author, updated as they post!

Newbies are encouraged and with them in mind, Ansalon offers detailed maps and lots of people willing to help out and give advice so that folks unused to Ansalon _dont_ have to struggle through the often painful process of learning a new mud. There is a great new 'USE' command for almost any object you find, give it a shot! Ask questions on the Newbie channel (or OOC), get all of the free maps from the school.. And READ that email we sent you, it does have some great information on how to get started!

We fully encourage clans and other organizations. Perhaps you'd like to join the Solamnic Knights? Or join the Conclave of Mages? Or maybe you want to further Takhisis' evil Knights of Takhisis' cause? No matter what your character wants to do, there's a clan that should suit his/her taste. Many of these groups are looking for fresh blood as well. Its very possible for new players to rise to leadership positions given hard work and a lot of interaction with other players. New/Old clans, Mercenary, Mariner! Ships ahoy! There are rumors of a goblin uprising!

Ansalon, your source for DragonLance excellent role playing since 1996.
PythonWars is a conversion of a GodWars source into Python. Originally started as a conversion of the GodWars 1996 codebase in particular. But an active decision was made to forgo that and instead became a more MUD than Codebase oriented project. It is in very early stages at this point and up time as well as Dev presence may vary.

Eternal Visions is set in the world of Anea and the majority of the
game play happens on the continent of Etouria. It is a world at war
right now, for the Elder Gods are long gone and the Clerics are
spreading the word of the New Gods, the Young Ones. There are those
who seek to rebel against the New Gods, and others who do not
believe they have truly arrived, while still others merely wish
to continue as they have been for the last four hundred years.

Anea is the land of Eternal Visions. Known for the unique (code)
systems: class, combat, proficiencies, organizations, vegetation,
mapping and magic casting, Eternal Visions offers both newbie comfort
and advanced challenges. Based on role playing under a realistic
environment, a score of folk have been providing a portal for many
adventurers to experience an exciting, new and realistic world.
The Land of Legends focuses on a medieval fantasy setting with role-play strongly encouraged. We have guilds, orders, and clans available along with 141 areas containing over 10,000 rooms currently online with additional areas currently in production. We currently offer 30 races and 15 classes to choose from, and to multi-class amongst, though we also have several new races and classes on the way. There have been a great many changes to code, skills, spells, etc with much more still on the way. We are always looking for ways to further improve our Lands.

* We have an online alias system so you don't need a specialized mud client to be an effective player.

* We issue every new player with a very comprehensive newbie guide which was recently updated.

* We feature a customizable prompt system that can even include a 'bar graph' reflecting your opponents remaining life or your XP to next level.

* We have a buddy notification system to let you know when your friends log on or off or when they gain a level.

* Our help system is very well maintained and we have a corresponding help file for every command, skill, spell, area, and for most other common subjects, of course, most of the help topics are also covered in your newbie guide.

* We offer online weddings between those who desire a permanent bond.

* Our whole mud color theme is customizable for each player.

* We have hotboot capabilities, so game play almost never needs to be interrupted for a reboot.

* We now even have mobs who will sell tattoos, arrange for travel between areas for you, cast spells on you, provide banking services (including transfers between players), and even generate quests for you!

* We still have much more in the works as well.

Come test your mettle and see if you can attain Avatar powers today!
Do You Have The Courage To Earn
A Place In This New MUD

If you like to have fun playing a mud… this will be the
most important message you will ever read. Let me explain…

From the start I created Trona with you the player
in mind. My goal is to create a fun game with a rich
medieval theme. With role playing encouraged… But without
the problems that made you quit other muds.

By carefully screening immortals I have removed the problems.
No more ego-maniac wizards tailing you around or stirring the
political pot.

We plan, test and double check new features so they do not
wind up downgraded after you have come to rely on them.

And with four new guilds opened recently, you will find
Trona expanding! We are actively adding new areas, quests and
guilds. This keeps Trona fresh and new.

To get started playing Trona, simply point your client at port 5000… or to be instantly connected
click on the URL below:

Warm Regards,
Keeper of Trona
For 25 years, SlothMUD has been one of the most successful MUDs of
its kind. Sloth is a heavily modified Diku which offers a unique world
of more than 24,300 rooms, inhabited by 8,500 people and creatures.

In SlothMUD, each player advances in four classes chosen from
bard, cleric, druid, mage, monk, necromancer, thief, and warrior.
In addition to the skills and spells of his basic four classes, our
multi-class system provides special powers to each "prime" class. As
a result, the 1,680 possible class orderings have distinct play
styles. Once a player reaches maximum level in his four initial
classes, a prestigious fifth class opens up which gives him entirely
new skills and powers as well as access to a dangerous but rewarding
expert-level continent.

Sloth provides its immortals with a unique scripting language,
allowing them to build areas that are interactive to an unprecedented
degree. These areas include complex puzzles, hundreds of scripted
quests, and monsters that behave in surprising and intelligent
ways. Several areas provide more than simple hunt-and-kill;
these include a PvP arena and a coliseum where the player can
test his mettle against an ever-nastier series of monsters.

Since the end of September we have added MXP(Mud Extension Protocol),
MCCP (Mud Client Compression Protocol), an astrological event
system,tons of new spells and skills, and much, much more. We have
a one of best coding staffs around who enjoy adding player
suggestions, as well as implementing many of their own ideas while
maintaining our 'Slothy' feel.

As well, one of our creators, William Lees, has been busy updating
his MUD client Wintin.Net(an updated version of wintin95 which he
also authored). It possesses many of the features we have added
lately such as MXP, MCCP, etc. For more information on this great
windows client,please refer to

SlothMUD also offers a very active immortal and administrative
staff, constantly working to provide new and interesting
experiences to challenge players. We are one of the most
newbie-friendly MUDs around, with many experienced players willing
to assist you in learning and enjoying our game.

We look forward to
seeing you soon!
Russian language MUD about world of old soviet science fiction
Bleached InuYasha Galaxy (previously known as InuYasha Galaxy) is a hybrid MUD that mixes together the Bleach and InuYasha anime series into one unique intense adventure.

Our average player count ranges from 5-20 players online. One of our most unique features is our shard system, where shards (shikon shards) of a jewel (the Shikon no Tama) have been scattered across both eras, thus players can find these shards and use them to increase their own power by embedding them into body parts as well as attaching them to items. This plays a very important role in our intense PK system as well. There is virtually no limit for the strength of a player, and we have absolutely no stock areas, classes, or races. Since players have full control over the clan system, clan wars become extremely bloody (and even more so with shikon shards in play).

Here are just some of our features:
-Embed shards of the Shikon no Tama in different body parts for various strengths, or attach shards to weapons and armor.
-Combine enough shards and create the Shikon no Tama, which can grant your deepest desire!
-Create your own customizable Youkai (demon) transformation.
-Travel between two worlds; the Modern and Feudal era (time travel).
-A unique class system, where you can multi-class into different classes such as Combatant or Slayer, and level up the class.
-Set up your own shop and sell items with a merchant cart.
-Create, customize, and control your own clans.
-Plenty of skills right from both anime series, such as Sankon Tetsusou (Iron Reaver Soul Stealer), or Kidou (Demon Arts).
-An elemental system (fire, wind, earth, etc), where players can choose an element on creation as well as elemental weapons.
-Unique weapon attacks, where special weapons can fire powerful attacks.
…and so much more!

The current MUD version is alpha.
A casual, vibrant, all original high fantasy world with 9,000+ rooms, several sleek GUI clients, and too many unique features to list. Proud offshoot of AnotherWorld.
"And so, the Dark and Light Crystals were scattered across Alora. The Light eventually became one with the planet, while the dark were scattered far and wide, hidden beacons that drew in all things evil to them.. a legacy forgotten."
Feature Synopsis:
  • Serving the MUD community for the last 8 years.

  • Want to play a Draconic Dwarf, a Lich Elf, an Ooze Pixie? 40 races, 12 starsigns and more than 25 ancestries and 400 physical traits allow you to play exactly the character you like.

  • Unlimited levels, and up to three classes per character.

  • Extensive combat and crafting system, many pets, dynamically generated dungeons, huge overland map, and much, much more!

Welcome to Silent Eve! We are a new and growing MUD based in a
modern WoD(World of Darkness) Los Angeles. We believe very
strongly in players having a lot of interaction with each other
and making each person feel like a vital point in the story. Our
StoryTeller staff holds to a golden rule and understands that
WE are here to provide YOU, the player with an enjoyable place
to play first and foremost. We have set in place some custom
systems which we strongly believe will enhance the value of your
time playing within our world, these include but are not limited
to the Status-System and the Domain-System, which you can find
more information about on our website!

We are now accepting several new spheres! Swing by to check out
what is now open.

We look forward to having you join our growing family!
As you look out you can see the edge of visible space. You are standing on the bridge of HIMS Annihilator, the second ship in the Imperial First Fleet. Through the Durasteel windows you can see the other four ships of the fleet; HIMS Consternation, HIMS Ragnarok, HIMS Kratos and the flagship, Super Star Destroyer HIMS Osiris. Several TIE fighters zoom around the encased bridge. As you look down you see the crew, navigator, pilot, copilot and others tending to their consoles. A small smile crosses your face as you see the Captain order the TIE Bombers out of the bays and in orbit of the planet. You know that doom will come to Coral City on the water world of Mon Calamari. This will show the Republic who is still In power!


The streaking stars seem to move far too slow as your Loronar class cruiser, LSC Ereshkigal, speeds through hyperspace toward the capital of Mon Calamari. Reports of the Republic's Second Fleet being destroyed brought your fleet from its recon of the Asteroid Belt. To your left, outside of the durasteel window of your bridge was the LSC Babd Catha, MC-90 Inanna and to your right was the RD8's NR-08-01, NR-08-02 and an escort of Red, Black and Yellow squadron fighters. You only hope your fleet can arrive in time. As the streaks become stars once more you see the planet Mon Calamari, the foreground of the horizon in space.


You motion to your troops to move silently to the south. The Imperials have taken the landing pad and cut off your escape. You have several Republic troopers and a hand full of special forces. Scanning to the south you see that there are three elite Imperial guards watching the landing pad while a few platoons of Imperial troopers position to begin patrolling the streets. Gritting your teeth you yell a battle cry as you and your troops charge the landing pad! You focus fire on the elite guards, deciding to eliminate the toughest element first. Your troops attack the nearest guard, and the battle ensues! As you run in you see the night stars above, shining, and the explosions of a renewed assault against the advancing Imperial fleet. Your resolve renewed, you press on harder, adrenaline pumping!


You flash a toothy smile as you watch the Republic fleet engage the Imperials, attempting to repel the attack. Grand Vizier Vash had contacted you previously and paid you handsomely to block the Republic's escape route once they arrived. The Republic's fighters immediately swarm the TIE bombers headed toward orbit of Mon Calamari. Your flagship, the AEG-77 Vigo Gunship 'XTS Black Nebula', sat between the Republic fleet, which jumped into the system dangerously close to the planet, and their only option of an escape route. Your Blockade Runner Corvettes, the XTS Night heron II and the XTS Carrion Crow IV, were to either side of the fleet, perfectly positioned. You turned to you communications console and nodded at the holographic image.

Chief of State Darkfall, have the credits been deposited into the Black Sun account? you demand of the hologram.

They have, Guri can confirm it, Prince Xizor. The Twi'lek leader of the Republic seemed uneasy.

Good, then the planet will be yours again. you close the communication.

You motion for your First Officer, Skyler, to order the fleet forward with the Republic fleet. You smile as your starfighters meld with the Imperials fighters, and you take joy in knowing that the Emperor will not try to take vengeance on you. Instead he will try to outbid the Republic. The giant Loronar class ship adjacent to you casts a foreground to the horizon of stars beyond the battle.


The Galactic War rages, and all can make a profit and a name for themselves. Some fight for power, others freedom and still others for status. Whatever the reason, there is a place for you. Only the farthest reaches of the Galaxy are untouched by the war. Yet there are still those that find their way in the Galaxy without being involved in the war. Wether they are drowning themselves in a cantina on Tatooine, trying their luck at the casinos of Hesperidium or simply going about their daily business on Coruscant some people have lives, businesses and affairs outside of the War. No matter your outlook or stance you will have a home. No matter where you stand, you can always see the Galactic Horizon!

-=x=-=x=-<*>-=x=-=x=-<*>-=x=-=x=-<*>-=x=-=x=–=x=-=x=-<*>-=x=-= x=-<*>-=x=-=x=-<*>-=x=-=x=-

SW:Galactic Horizon has made leaps and bounds since its inception three and a half months ago! We have a dedicated player base and staff already. We have advanced form a small, personal, in-home based server with minimal bandwidth and access limitations to a fully hosted MUD with few limits to access. We now have a test server so that code implementations will not crash the MUD. We have a full website, and plans for a Vent Server, open to Staff and players alike. The player base and staff are so dedicated that I, the owner, didn't pay a cent for the hosting. It is funded by donations from players and staff alike. We have several talented builders who are constantly adding custom areas and planets, as well as two dedicated coders and two casual coders, who all contribute to the advancement of the MUD. We have a dedicated offline prototype ship builder, also.

As you can probably tell, we have many avid Roleplayers. We have a reward system for roleplayers, and we often offer things for RP points at random, or on the spot incentives. We have an RP Admin in game that keeps thing interesting, and has a head swimming with ideas!

We are always looking for more players, and can accommodate most playing styles! We are currently revamping a lot of the game. See our website for information on our projects on the work board. The website is a great tool for informing the community, getting feedback, addressing issues and having some fun out of the MUD! We all come together as a community and make our MUDding experience all the more fun!

Hope to see you at the Galactic Horizon!

Owner, Star Wars: Galactic Horizon
NarutoMUD is based of the anime Naruto. Our goal is a quality MUDing experience which trancends the normal sterotypes of most anime themed MUDs. We are still in development but have a nice portion of the game playable. Any fan of Naruto will find a lot of fun to be had and any non-Naruto fan will still find a range of interesting things including a variety of skills to learn that go beyond the typical 'cut, paste and rename' style a lot of anime MUDs seem to employ. We strive for perfection, keeping to the motto "Everything must be cool." From login to logout, we are certain we can provide a quality experience.

A second monumental space race propelled the citizens of Earth into a new Era of science and technology. This was brought on by the discovery of the Commission for Natural Elements [CNE], which stated that the axis of the Earth was accelerating exponentially into an oblique angle. Within the next 500 years, Earth would cease to offer a viable option for life.

This sparked the 2nd historical space race. Within 200 years, Mars and the Earth's moon had become platforms for further research and development. Mars' atmosphere had been injected with microbial elements that had, over 100 years, transformed the planet into an acceptable habitat for human life. Transports were beginning to shuttle Earth's inhabitants to Mars.

In 410 P.D. [Post-Discovery], a brutal war had erupted on all the known human inhabited planets in the system, fueled by the claims of private sector espionage and New World Order mentality. Those fortunate enough to escape did so by embarking out in whatever vessels were available.

The S.S. Hope is the setting of this MUD. A lone settlement ship with moderate defenses that has propelled itself out into space with hopes of settling on a new world. It is now 1214 P.D. and no suitable planets have yet been discovered. Scientists have worked for years trying to develop atmospheric enrichment techniques in order to produce habitable planetary environments, so far with fruitless endeavors.

You are a member of the crew. You could be the savior of this ship.
Malacious Bliss is a MUD created some time ago. It has since been revived and we are working very hard on a daily basis to get it back up to par. We have a clan based PvP sytem, and we are going for a PvP hack and slash theme. Please come and give us a try. The staff is experienced, and we are ready to help you if you need it. Come join the fun!

+ Hero Level
+ Ancient Level (tough to acheive, but powerful. Special ancient only areas, tournys, equipment)
+ new bank system
+ new donation system
+ quest system (automated but unique)
+ Clan code with extended PK settings
+ Hometown code with extended PK settings
+ Area code with extended PK settings
+ Object conditions (may get damaged, deteriorate over time)
+ All variables (classes, races, stats etc) load from a filebase, not the code
+ Time based dynamic room descriptions
+ Weather based dynamic room descriptions
+ Mobs pathing. Mobs will follow a route and invade a given area.
+ Player Housing. Players get their own personal vnums for objs, mobs and rooms
+ Evolving Spells/Skills (fireball may turn into a new more powerful spell if fully learned
+ War system. War status through hometowns and clans
+ Player run arena
+ Player run duels
+ Player run games (freeze tag, paintball)
+ Full marriage code
+ Stance system
+ MAP command with directions
+ DoubleXP/Damage/Questpoints/Stance gain
+ Automated quest points (AQP) and Immortal quest points (IQP)
+ Economy system with stocks, shares and crashes!
+ Global quest system. Random, engages all online players.
+ Epic and Hero equipment sets.
+ Mining / foraging
+ Quest Forging. Make something of your materials.
We have much much more!