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Rebirth of Apocalypse is based upon the once popular
GodWars: Apocalypse codebase. We have been given permission by the
creators to run this fantastic code. We are working on adding new fun
and exciting features to bring this MUD into the 21st century.

For those of you who dont know. GodWars: Apocalypse was created in
1997 by myself and Shimian, after working there for a year i left
and went off to make my own MUDS. In August 2006 i was given a copy
of Apocalypse from 2002, by one of its coders and Majorly modified
that code, which caught the eye of Zoth, one of the coders who had
recoded Apocalypse, to cut a long story short he gave me permission to
run a copy of the code from 2004, which then became Rebirth of

Rebirth of Apocalypse features: Vampires, Werewolves, Demons and

Each of which has what the classes have usually on godwars. Mages and
Highlanders have been recoded, to give them more powers, and more
scope for change.


We have added a PK arena where players can test their skills at PKILL
without the worry of losing status or gaining a death. Players can
bet on arenas using quest points and if the person they bet on wins,
they gain qps + the payoff from the bet.

We are also in the midst of adding and Event System, where players can
join in some games.

Rebirth of Apocalypse does what it says on the tin, its the Rebirth of
the MUD called GodWars: Apocalypse, come join us! Many many people
have returned. 6660 - Rebirth of Apocalypse.