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Exodus is much more than a standard MUD environment. It is the
culmination of over thirteen years of active progress and growth.

Exodus has something for everyone. Environments interact with you as
you journey through colorful lands, having the look and feel of a
well-written fantasy novel.

Exodus has a variety of races you may choose from, including some you
already know, such as Dwarves, Elves, and Humans, and many others you
may not have ever heard of, such as Vro'ath and Litan. Additionally,
Exodus has a quest-based remort system, allowing players to join even
more races later on in the game. Many of these races possess unique
skills and abilities that others races may not use, further
differentiating them.

During the course of a player's 90 levels, he or she will have the
option of switching classes twice, allowing multiclass combinations,
but also rewarding pure-class specialists with the most powerful
skills and magic. If you decide you don't like the profession your
character has studied, you can reincarnate at any time and keep the
majority of the experience you have earned up to that point. Through
hard work and familiarity with the realms around you, you might even
transcend the limits of mortal advancement and become a mighty hero,
having the power to grant quests.

Are you an explorer? Immerse yourself in a truly gigantic world,
consisting entirely of custom areas totaling well over 15,000 rooms.
Forget Midgaard and any stock areas you have seen before. You won't
find them on Exodus. Two richly-detailed continents lie within a
great ocean spotted with islands both large and small to constantly
challenge and reward the adventurous explorer.

Are you an adventurer? Exodus is large enough to let you go off and
seek your fortune alone, or with the safety and benefit of a group.
Pets and henchmen are available for a price to help you in your
travels. Dozens of automated quests throughout the realms allow
players to take part in the storylines of the game's areas. You can
hack and slash to your heart's delight, but if you'd rather help one
of Thesden's lords find his stolen medallion, you may follow a series
of clues and come to a conclusion that will reward you for your time
and effort. Exodus has an object trigger system, which lets weapons,
armor, and even mundane items perform actions on their own, as though
brought to life with magic.

Are you a craftsman? Many of the classes in Exodus have the ability
to create and combine items to form even more powerful tools. Thieves
get an invention skill allowing them to combine items together to
make other items. Rangers are skilled woodsmen, crafting their own
arrows from natural materials, and necromancers form weapons and
armor of bone and flesh. Warriors may hone their weapons upon the
grinding stone, while mages may enchant their weapons and armor for
magical benefit.

Are you a hunter? Exodus has a PK-based clan system and a variety of
clans you may join. Who knows, if you have a good concept and can
rally others behind it, you may form your own clan. A clan war system
allows enemy clans to settle their differences on the field of
battle. Clans even have their own unique and powerful equipment,
designed to give them an edge in clan combat. There's a bounty system
to put a reward out for the death of those you cannot kill yourself.
If you'd prefer friendly combat, there are two arenas in which you
may battle against your fellow players in a controlled environment.
We also have a regular PK free-for-all called Battle Royale, which
turns the whole game into a scored bloodbath with a declared winner
at the end. An in-depth kill count system tracks your various wins
and losses in combat.

Are you just looking for fun? Exodus offers a variety of options for
role-play as well as OOC chatting. A number of mini-games, such as
trophy fishing in the ocean, a full-featured roulette room on a
gambling boat, and a soccer-type game can be played as well for no
purpose other than to have a good time.

There is so much to offer and it gets better all the time. We have an
active immortal and coding staff and a constantly evolving and
growing player base. Come give Exodus a try. We think that once you
step into our world, you'll want to stay.