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Eternal Visions is set in the world of Anea and the majority of the
game play happens on the continent of Etouria. It is a world at war
right now, for the Elder Gods are long gone and the Clerics are
spreading the word of the New Gods, the Young Ones. There are those
who seek to rebel against the New Gods, and others who do not
believe they have truly arrived, while still others merely wish
to continue as they have been for the last four hundred years.

Anea is the land of Eternal Visions. Known for the unique (code)
systems: class, combat, proficiencies, organizations, vegetation,
mapping and magic casting, Eternal Visions offers both newbie comfort
and advanced challenges. Based on role playing under a realistic
environment, a score of folk have been providing a portal for many
adventurers to experience an exciting, new and realistic world.