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For 25 years, SlothMUD has been one of the most successful MUDs of
its kind. Sloth is a heavily modified Diku which offers a unique world
of more than 24,300 rooms, inhabited by 8,500 people and creatures.

In SlothMUD, each player advances in four classes chosen from
bard, cleric, druid, mage, monk, necromancer, thief, and warrior.
In addition to the skills and spells of his basic four classes, our
multi-class system provides special powers to each "prime" class. As
a result, the 1,680 possible class orderings have distinct play
styles. Once a player reaches maximum level in his four initial
classes, a prestigious fifth class opens up which gives him entirely
new skills and powers as well as access to a dangerous but rewarding
expert-level continent.

Sloth provides its immortals with a unique scripting language,
allowing them to build areas that are interactive to an unprecedented
degree. These areas include complex puzzles, hundreds of scripted
quests, and monsters that behave in surprising and intelligent
ways. Several areas provide more than simple hunt-and-kill;
these include a PvP arena and a coliseum where the player can
test his mettle against an ever-nastier series of monsters.

Since the end of September we have added MXP(Mud Extension Protocol),
MCCP (Mud Client Compression Protocol), an astrological event
system,tons of new spells and skills, and much, much more. We have
a one of best coding staffs around who enjoy adding player
suggestions, as well as implementing many of their own ideas while
maintaining our 'Slothy' feel.

As well, one of our creators, William Lees, has been busy updating
his MUD client Wintin.Net(an updated version of wintin95 which he
also authored). It possesses many of the features we have added
lately such as MXP, MCCP, etc. For more information on this great
windows client,please refer to

SlothMUD also offers a very active immortal and administrative
staff, constantly working to provide new and interesting
experiences to challenge players. We are one of the most
newbie-friendly MUDs around, with many experienced players willing
to assist you in learning and enjoying our game.

We look forward to
seeing you soon!