28 Sep, 2007, Conner wrote in the 21st comment:
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DavidHaley said:
Well, what I meant is that it isn't really a bug in the code sense: nothing is really "broken" from a technical perspective. The bug lies in the translation of design docs (and I bet there weren't any) to code. So in a sense, it really is a "feature" in the not quite tongue-in-cheek sense, in that it doesn't break anything except for our preconceptions about how the code is supposed to work.

You don't feel that having two different parts of the code doing what amounts to conflicting things to the same weapon values qualifies as broken, eh? I suppose, in a sense, it's been working for us all as it is for years, so perhaps you're right, in that sense, and it's certainly not a critical issue since it clearly doesn't cause a crash or even a serious issue anywhere, but I don't think it'd qualify as a feature short of the tongue-in-cheek sense. But then, we're each entitled to our opinion and that even extends to what defines a bug.

DavidHaley said:
But all this is far too much analysis for such a simple problem that has such a simple solution. :smile:

Now this I wholeheartedly agree with. :lol:
05 Oct, 2007, Zeno wrote in the 22nd comment:
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Zeno said:
What I am going to do is simply make a new argument for oset. "oset item value1raw 30".

Warning! This alone won't work. When weapons are loaded, the value is dice again. What I did was make a new item flag, anything flagged with it would not load up as dice and simply the raw.
06 Oct, 2007, Darmond wrote in the 23rd comment:
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while this bug is annoying for most older muds as it throws all your stats out of whack makeing you need to basacoly revamp the whole mud *a lot of work for a simpole conversion* this information is VERY helpfull for any new coders who wish to start a smaug mud and build all origonal areas from scratch and in futcher is also usefull for you guys if you decide to make other projects. all and all It makes me wounder if this is just in smaug or is in rom also I had simaler problems at one point with damage not beeing at all what I ever wanted I ended up doing a bunch of changes I dont rember everything but now I got it to be exat damage I beleve in my case it was some weird thing attached to weapon profishencies that I realy didnt like didnt wany my 10 damage weapons doing 30+ without strength mods etc it just didnt work for me