10 Aug, 2013, Aelius wrote in the 201st comment:
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Idealiad said:
Welcome to MB Aelius, I had a lot of fun at LoK.

It was a great mud, wasn't it? I wish I had a current copy of the source code, but my only copy is from 2007, which is right when I started coding (so before I actually made any changes).
10 Aug, 2013, KaVir wrote in the 202nd comment:
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Tyche said:
I was banned from LoK before I ever logged in to the mud. ;-)

I won 50K quest points on LoK without playing it ;)
11 Aug, 2013, LeMonseural wrote in the 203rd comment:
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I'm LeMonseural, I started mudding back in the 9th Grade (1999), I was originally looking for a forum based rpg and somehow came across a mud. I mainly stayed in the GodWar community playing The Gathering, Dreams of Demise, and Ethereal Mists (There was also one ran by LaQuoi or something that was an rp type Godwars). I also played a rom game for years which seemed to vanish into thin air. Years after all my games I played on died out I floated around but never really have gotten established into another mud yet. Most seem to be inactive or everyone is idle..

Recently I've looked on the other side of the door to being a programmer/owner. I've built and coded a few skills on godwars, but that is pretty easy when you have something to look at. I'm currently working with LP(DeadSouls) to build a mud from the ground up.

Thank you all for all the help I have recieved so far guys it's much appreciated that everyone gives there thoughts and opinions and don't slander or talk down to new people.

11 Aug, 2013, Tyche wrote in the 204th comment:
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KaVir said:
Tyche said:
I was banned from LoK before I ever logged in to the mud. ;-)

I won 50K quest points on LoK without playing it ;)

Do you remember MudMagic's voting system? The admins could see the IPs of those who had voted on their muds.
I recall the staff at that time (2004ish), was quite sensitive and vocal about their position on the MudMagic list.
I got banned (or pre-banned) from the mud for down voting it. :-)
12 Aug, 2013, Davion wrote in the 205th comment:
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We should see something in the next couple days ;) totally wrong thread :)
12 Aug, 2013, Kjwah wrote in the 206th comment:
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Davion said:
We should see something in the next couple days ;)

Oh snaps, buddy. :)
12 Aug, 2013, Ateraan wrote in the 207th comment:
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plamzi said:
Hi, NewWorlds.

You're correct that this forum is mostly frequented by devs and people who aspire to become MUD admins. But the site admins are actively working on content to engage MUD players as well. As someone who has previewed some of those efforts, I can say that things look promising. So keep checking back.

If there is a way to reverse-sort posts, I don't know it.
Thanks for the reply. I will keep checking back and maybe even try to engage in some posts that will be attractive to players input.

Reverse post order: Most forums allow this. You might check into it as having the newest posts first is very advantageous.
12 Aug, 2013, Ateraan wrote in the 208th comment:
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Tyche said:
Aelius said:
Hey, why don't I introduce myself? I'm mostly a lurker. The last mud I was really involved in was Legends of Karinth (now offline, sadly), where I started as a fresh newbie and worked my way up to the highest staff position as the head coder and an implementor alongside Fern. I did a lot of things that I was proud of on that mud, but I eventually burned out and left. I'm tinkering around with a new project on my own now in the sci-fi realm.

Welcome Aelius.

I was banned from LoK before I ever logged in to the mud. ;-)

That's comical but likely it was just your player name banned by someone wanting to be you. Just to be safe though, I'm banning Tyche from New Worlds Ateraan. :biggrin:
22 Aug, 2013, Chris Bailey wrote in the 209th comment:
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29 May, 2014, jakesmokes wrote in the 210th comment:
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Introducing myself. I have been reading the forums for a little while and have just registered. I am a old gamer / mudder from years ago and am getting interested again. I have written a couple of mud-type games (in the 80s) that were localized to, and played within, a company network. I've been toying with the idea of developing a MUD. I have no illusions, I know its hard. But I find thinking about it and writing code enjoyable. So.. I have joined up to read and exchange ideas here and ask a few questions. :-). Let me know if I should turn and run in terror :-).

My name's David
30 May, 2014, Ssolvarain wrote in the 211th comment:
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Abandon all hope, ye who enter here!

I mean.. er… good luck.
16 Jun, 2014, SlySven wrote in the 212th comment:
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Well, hello there. After bothering Scandum for a while with minor code tweaks and odd ideas on his TinTin++ Client forum I've since started hacking around as part of the team of Mudlet's makers. It's been a bit of a steep learning curve switching from a 'C' based code base that comfortably fits on a floppy disk - and when I say floppy I mean floppy (I still have some 5.25" discs and a matching drive somewhere!) - to something that is 'C++' based and that on my best (non-bleeding) edge PC takes some time to compile (I have plenty of time to make a fresh cup of coffee for a make clean, qmake, make all cycle - hell I can probably cook a fairly simple main meal).

Anyhow this does seem to be the place to be to talk all things MUD related - if not, I'm sure someone will tell me where to go…!
16 Jun, 2014, plamzi wrote in the 213th comment:
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Hello and welcome.
19 Jun, 2014, Naylor wrote in the 214th comment:
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I don't think I intro'd myself…

Hi everyone. First off, let me start by saying I am likely going to sound like a complete moron in most of my posts, especially ones in which I request help or advice. Part of the reason: Before I started trying to make my mud I had only had experience coding in VB6 and QBasic. I am learning a very different code language and trying to decipher a codebase that I can barely get any responses from the place I found it from. I am however not the type to abandon a project, so you can bet I'm doing my best to learn and solve the problems I run into!!

I got ideas and hopes and dreams for my project that are most likely well beyond what is possible, and most definitely well beyond my current capability, but by aiming 'too high' I have often in the past found that even when I don't hit the mark I want to I still come closer and do better than if I had not set such a high goal. Now yes, as my Head Builder has pointed out often, my grammar and at times my spelling both suck. This is why I leave the running of the building side to her and keep myself in the coding lol.

I am lucky to have the support of a staff who believes in the project and wants to see just how far we can get it to go together, it helps a lot when I am getting frustrated. They shoot ideas or tell me what they need, and in between attempts to iron out bugs I work on giving them the stuff they need regardless of how the codebase seems to fight me lol.

I'm your general anime/steampunk/comp/videogame/nerd type and quite simply I am proud of it.
19 Jun, 2014, Dean wrote in the 215th comment:
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Welcome to here, Naylor and SlySven.
31 Jul, 2014, searlock wrote in the 216th comment:
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Hey, folks. :)

I'm a MUD fan, who has come and gone from the gaming community over the years. But of late have returned with an interest in building a MUD. I'll elaborate more in one of the more appropriate areas.

Anyway, MUDs are where I first started to learn programming – using LPC. In retrospect, I see that games are an incredibly good way to get young people thinking, and learning programming. Years later, I got into software development professionally – and I owe it all to MUDs. I even drop that tidbit during interviews, and it helps me identify the cool people.
09 Dec, 2014, Ashlan wrote in the 217th comment:
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Hi everyone, I'm a longtime MUDder and I think I might finally be launching my own MUD, for real this time… :big grin:

It's going to be slightly Narnia themed, called Encarnia. Emphasis on RP-PvP stuff. It's using the Python codebase Evennia.
19 Dec, 2014, koqlb wrote in the 218th comment:
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Welcome, and hi. I'm Koqlb. I've been playing MUDs since 1998, and have ran a total of 4 (including my current remake of an old project…
that is so far already 10 times better than before, and I'm STILL working on the features). I've hosted AnimeMUD Legacy at one time,
Homicidal Tendencies (a HORRIBLE DizzyMUD ripoff that a friend gave me), and Subversive Visions 1 (A stock ROM), 2.0 (An old QuickMUD),
And now 3.0 (A modified QuickMUD with Unlimited Bits ). I've been programming in C and C++ for about 10 years, and my MUD's theme is
actually many. Mostly fun, but basically a land that you get sucked into that will include areas of many games, movies, other MUDs, stock (It's only
right to leave some in there), and books, as well as TV shows, and real life areas (my newbie school area is a school with trainers who were real
martial arts masters). The overall theme is fun, and there are clans, and PK, validation (for channels and notes), a custom player info system (inspired
by the classic finger snippet, but highly modified), and will include an original remort level system (where remorts are recorded, and each one gets a special ability), a detailed point system (quest points, immquest points, RP points, etc.), And last but not least, am working on a MUD-to-WEB integration system in which I have a custom "live news feed" which posts logins, PK kills, and log offs, as well as Immortals being able to add events to the news page. In the future, I'm planning on making a system which involves players more where they can add a "blog" or "status" updates on their own individual player pages, and when you click on their "player gallery" image,
you can view information and status updates, or in the future possibly even "mblog" posts from the player.
The site is very graphical, and media-rich, and unlike most other MUD's (such as Achea, and others which while highly graphical, were created by
a company. Not knocking them, they are cool, which is where I got some ideas though!). I have two great builders at the moment, but need to hire
more, to get things done even faster, as well as the rest of my immortal staff.
I like to code. It's fun, and whether other coders believe it or not, I am still learning. If you don't stop learning, then you aren't a master… You're just
simply a quitter.
11 Dec, 2015, Leviathan wrote in the 219th comment:
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Hello everyone. I've been a member here at MudBytes since 2010 and have been silently stalking the threads for much longer than that. My first MUD I played was back in the mid 90s and I went by the name Leviathan and have used that name ever since. I am currently working on a Dragonball/Final Fantasy fusion themed mud. (oohhhhh nooeez DBZ) Now that that's out of the way, I've been working privately on this project for about 6 years now and have made some extensive changes to the systems there. I never really felt the need to post anything before as MOST of the coding problems I've ran into I was able to figure out myself, and the ones which I couldn't were already fixed somewhere buried in this massive forum archive or other forums. Anyway, I'm glad to be apart of the community and look forward to future discussions about the hobby.
14 Jan, 2016, Wispin wrote in the 220th comment:
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Hiya. I'm Wispin.

I've been lurking for a while, and probably playing MUDs since 2006-2007. I've written and admin'd a bit for a few SWRs and played on most of them. At the moment, I call Legends of the Jedi my 'home'.

I'm from Tennessee, but currently live in the Bay Area and work at a tech startup out here. (As an aside, if any engineers are looking for a full stack web development role where they can work remotely, you should message me :P)

I'm working on a project that's in the conceptual phases with a few other developers for a new, custom Star Wars game. Should be a fun project for us! I'm happy to finally have a reason to join MUDBytes, since I haven't really had anything to contribute for a few years of lurking.

Nice to meet y'all! :)