06 Dec, 2008, Grumny wrote in the 41st comment:
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Well, I am a long time lurker. I do de-lurk on occasion when I think I have something to say. Usually turns out I don't and have de-lurked for no apparent reason. :redface: Anyway, this is a good enough place to do something. So.

I'm Dave. I've been mudding since way, way back. Not quite as far as The Fury, but almost. I started out on a Diku called, I think, Realm of Dark Shadows. This was in '92 or '93. I played Arctic for a while in '94. Then switched to countless forgotten Mercs, and nearly as many ROMs. Sometime in '94 I ran into Keriwena/Sandi and we have been mudding together since.

I hang out, and help out on Tir na Nog. I do nice things like give her lots of ideas to make sure her "to do list" never runs out.

In real life, I have lived in Japan for the last 12 years. I teach English to kids. usually grades 3 to 9. But have done anything from age 4 to college age. It's amazing how much they'll pay you to just talk to people sometimes. I love Japan, and probably won't be going back to the States until at least I've payed off my house. I have 30 years left on the loan, so it won't be any time soon.

Grumny SMASH!
06 Dec, 2008, Zeno wrote in the 42nd comment:
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Welcome Grumny!

Are you in the JET program?
06 Dec, 2008, Grumny wrote in the 43rd comment:
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I started in JET, decided I didn't want to go home and found another job. If you want to learn about Japan, JET is the way to go. You'll probably be sent to someplace at least fairly rural. And that is the best way to learn about someplace. You also get to learn lots of interesting Japanese language.
06 Dec, 2008, Zeno wrote in the 44th comment:
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My friend applied for the JET program last week. I went to Japan over the Spring for 2 weeks; stayed with 2 host families.

Never considered the JET program, but I guess you need a BS in any degree? I always assumed something like English was needed. Maybe I'll consider it.
06 Dec, 2008, Grumny wrote in the 45th comment:
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Yes, they do require a 4 year degree. But it doesn't have to be English. Any subject will be ok. It's the native speaker thing they are aiming for.
If you are interested in Japan, definitely try JET. I have heard that there have been changes and you can renew your contract for up to 5 years
now. It was only 3 when I was in. 3 years was definitely not long enough.
20 Dec, 2008, urbn wrote in the 46th comment:
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I folks. I'm urbn. I've been on the site on and off for a while and with mudmagic gone I figured I should create an account here ;).

I run and manage the mud BadTrip. I also do web dev and wireless stuff for paychecks. Normally when I'm not working I'm coding on one project or another or drinking, or drinking while coding ;)
20 Dec, 2008, Igabod wrote in the 47th comment:
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Welcome to the community Urbn. Nice to have ya here.
08 Jan, 2009, Jariah wrote in the 48th comment:
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Hey MudBytes! To tell the truth, I admit right off the bat that I am not a coder. I stumbled across this site when I made a search regarding SWR code and ended up getting hooked in reading through a bunch of the threads (the talk is intriguing even though it's all over my head). Eventually, I registered because there's this project idea I want to pitch to the community here (it'll be a little while cause I'm still developing the idea. I'll find some proper place on the forums to post it once I've figured out how to adequately present it). Anyway, I'm Jon from Phoenix and I'm 20 years old. Been mudding since the 8th grade when a band teacher I had got some students in the class interested. It was so funny. Everyday we'd come into class and he'd be absorbed with something on the computer. He almost payed more attention to the computer during rehearsal than us students, so we got curious and started invading his computer privacy. It led to a club being formed where those of us who had started playing MUDs got together and played. It was all on this MUD called Forgotten Kingdoms, which has ended up being my staple mudding ground. Though it's been around 8-9 years since I've learned of MUDs, I've only played for maybe 2 years accumulatively.

Btw, hi Zeno! I remember you from an incursion into your MUD years ago. That BleachedInuyashaGalaxy one. If I remember correctly, I had started when it was just InuyashaGalaxy and stuck to playing a monk character mostly. I'm sorry I can't remember the name I used. It was something like, Koralin or Keilik or something. But yeah, glad to see you are well! ^^

Moving on..
The truth is I really want to learn how to code, but I can't decide between pursuing programming-based curriculums and degrees or multilingual and cultural-based curriculums and degrees (including a linguist degree) first. I say first because I really want to learn both of those things. I'm studying Japanese on my own, currently (just finished learning the hiragana chart! wo0t! :biggrin:), and was ecstatic when I saw Grumny's posts about going to and staying in Japan cause that's totally what I aim for! But um.. what's the JET program? It sounds interesting.

So that's about it. As I said, the main reason I registered was cause I want to give you guys an idea for a MUD to all work on IF you are even interested. I figured I might as well and not have any attachment to the project because I'm might be joining the Air force soon and won't have the time to spend learning code and building a MUD from scratch for at least the next 4 years. In that time, I'd rather a group of experienced coders create a masterwork that mudders - myself included once I get out - can really enjoy if it's their style.
08 Jan, 2009, Kline wrote in the 49th comment:
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Well hi there. If you have any Japan or Air Force (or both together) questions feel free to bounce them my way. Currently on active duty (almost done woot :P) and spent 3 years in Japan for it :D
30 Jan, 2009, Milawe wrote in the 50th comment:
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Hi, guys!

I got recruited to come by last night by some of the Oriental Dojo guys. I just wanted to pop and see what's going on. Checking out a lot of the code. (It makes me realize how much of a n00b coder I really am. Sigh.)

I hope to be able to learn and exchange some knowledge here!
31 Jan, 2009, ven wrote in the 51st comment:
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Hi I'm Ven, and I am building a new Mac rpg mud, so wanted to get back on these forums so I can talk to other incredible mudders and coders! :alien:
22 Feb, 2009, Ubasti wrote in the 52nd comment:
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Hello! I've been a lurker for some time now. I'm not sure if I introduced myself though.

I'm Monique. I've been playing MU*s for about 10 or so years now. I've been wanting to try my hand at designing a really cool space for roleplay. I'm a part-time student/part-time adult (I just can't grow up yet!). I'm a web development/Japanese student here in AZ. I've been reading up on MUSHes and found some cool source material. Basically, I bought Bushido and Sengoku (great fantasy, fuedual Japanse RPGs, definitely check them out.) and I'm using them as bases for my MUSH. Right now, I have a mini-mush on Gateway that I am designing with my write ups. And I'm really excited to get going. I'm debating on whether not I'd like to apply for a admin position in a current running MU*. The experience would be great, but I have so much else on my plate like work (shudder), homework and housework.

Anyway, can't wait to join in the discussion here!
23 Feb, 2009, grimswitch wrote in the 53rd comment:
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Aup y'all.

I'm grimswitch, and this seems like a good place to make an introduction. I wouldn't say I know a lot of you; rather, I know about a lot of you. :)

I subscribe to most (if not all) of the major mud-dev communities, and some other techie forums that I've seen a couple of you at. I started playing muds some years back and have explored pretty much every avenue that MUDing can lead to. I've dabbled in a lot of your projects ("dabbled" is used loosely here), and have used most major codebases and derivatives in some fashion.

I've done web-dev and programming to pay the bills, but I discovered that as a career, it's really not my bag.

Currently, as far as MUDs and coding go, I'm into this whole Lua/C++ project that seems to change direction every 15 minutes. ;) Lua is a nifty language, and I'm very new to it, but I see a lot of potential for it in a MUD. I've also been spending a fair (too much!) amount of time screwing around with the FluffOS driver and LPC.

Happy to finally be getting involved in the community. I've kind of stood on the sidelines, watching the game and doing my own thing. Maybe some interaction will be good for me… I should go so far as to say that maybe, it might motivate me to finish a project. :)

Jariah: Your post caught me by surprise. I pursued the same degrees in the same manner. Linguistics and culture, specifically Japanese, though I picked up German(family) and French as well, and software engineering. (Yes, there is a difference between software engineering and computer science.) Beyond that, well…. I'm thinking of going Coast Guard, not Air Force. :P

Anyway, glad to be here.
12 Mar, 2009, Zaits wrote in the 54th comment:
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I'm Zaits, long time mudder first time mud owner :grinning:

Ah generally I'm just a graphics designer but recently just decided to get back into mudding after a year of being AWOL

Looking forward to learning a lot on this board

21 Mar, 2009, Karten wrote in the 55th comment:
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Hi guys, I'm Karten, 29. Long time lurker, short time member. I joined up to advertise my mud, and to pick the brains of some of the coders running around here. I'm a oldbie Mudder, starting back in 95, on a little star wars mud. Since then I've jumped around, all over the spectrum of possible mudding categories. My last stop was with Dragonball Saga and I've been stuck in that vein since 03. I don't know why, but it just appealed to me. I dabbled a little on the code side of things when I was younger but pretty much lost all that knowledge along the way. I stopped mudding for a few years and just came back to it about 2 1/2 years ago. I love to roleplay, build, debug, and try to cram as much knowledge into my head as possible. I now am the owner of a Dragonball mud, Dragonball Revolt. In addition to that endeavor, I am a network engineer, a full time father to three wonderful kids, and husband to a beautiful wife (I'm still not really sure why she puts up with me either). I love to read and console game in addition to my mudding addiction.
27 Mar, 2009, flumpy wrote in the 56th comment:
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Hi I'm Matt and I'm an Alchoh… ooh.. no thats not right…

oh yes. Ahem.

Hey I'm Matt, and I wrote a mud engine in java and groovy called "groovymud".

I'm new here so be kind :D

13 Apr, 2009, Dark Gryphon wrote in the 57th comment:
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Hi :biggrin:

I'm rather new to the world of MUD-developing, and I noticed - all the "normal" codebases are completely static, requiring you to open them up and write confusing code into badly named functions.

So, I'm building a new codebase - LamaMUD. It is written in Lua, with some C libraries and a C stub loader. Lama, according to Google Translator, means mud in Portuguese - so my codebase's name is mudMUD. :cool:

The design goal of LamaMUD is to be as flexible as possible, while still being a great MUD development framework. To this end, a huge amount of the code is based around a very simple hook implementation. It will also support basic classes (with far too much metatable magic), and a XML database that directly maps onto Lua datatypes. Players and NPCs will use mostly the same code, through inheritence, to a point where an admin can log onto an NPC and control it.

My dream? That one person uses my code to run their MUD.

Dark Gryphon :evil:
13 Apr, 2009, Idealiad wrote in the 58th comment:
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Sounds cool!

Welcome all new people :D
19 Apr, 2009, Malek Kervanes wrote in the 59th comment:
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Hey everyone!

I'm Malek Kervanes, and I'm not a stranger to MUDding. My first MUD was a GW mud called Shadowgames back in 1997. Since then, I've bounced around, playing on different MUDs, and even ran one called Battle of the Immortals.

Anyway, I'm in the pre-development stages on a new mud, called Battle of the Immortals II. It's basically a GW-esque game, but on custom game mechanics, code, and custom everything. So if anyone has any tips/advice/general help, I would be most appreciative.
24 Apr, 2009, Athanos wrote in the 60th comment:
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Hello all. I am Athanos. I have been away from coding for nearly 5 years and have recently returned to development. My C knowledge is limited to what I have taught myself through how-to books and what not. I sort of surprised myself when reading through the posts here concernig coding questions and knowing the answers (not something that is common for me).

I have finally chosen my codebase (NakedMud). I don't know how to program sockets (and I've heard they can be a little pain in the butt). So, I was thinking about SocketMud because it was stripped down to nothing but a chat room basically. However, seeing the Python scrpting in NakedMud caught my attention.

Along with this greeting and introduction I pose a question as well. Besides the excelent documentation on pyhon.org, are there any more good tutorials out there (or how-to books) that any would recommend? I can probbly get away with learning from the python website, but sometimes seeing or hearing the same concept from someone or something else helps to make it click in my mind.

I plan to be an asset to the forums, helping in anyway I can. I hope that each of you are making strides to make the best possible MU* for you and your audiences.