14 May, 2006, Guest wrote in the 1st comment:
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So right about now I'm sure you're wondering. What's this all about? Where did this come from?

Well basically speaking, several folks got to a point where the currently available sites for code repositories were left lacking in some way. This site is an effort to address this in a way that will be more free and flexible for those who choose to participate. Sure, right now it isn't looking like much but nothing does when it first starts off. There are plans in the works to fill things up a bit. Plans also exist to expand this into a more functional portal site and not just a forum full of attachments. But again, it has to start somewhere.

We're open to suggestions for improvements, ideas for features, portal packages which will integrate with Quicksilver Forums, or anything else you might think of. Not all suggestions will be accepted, so if yours is not, no worries.

For now, welcome aboard, and have fun. Please try to keep things civil :)