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Many years ago when the Intermud-3 router first appeared on the scene, the MUD I developed for obtained client source code and joined the network. However, we had the same name as another older MUD that wasn't on the network. This was perceived to be a critical problem and the guy hosting the router (who wasn't a developer of it) hardcoded a ban for our IP address. One of the actual developers of the router was mortified at the idea that such censorship was taking place and gave me a copy of the source code, with a loose request that he would prefer I not give it out in order to allow it to continue taking advantage of "security through obscurity". Of course, you can still see the commented out clause with our IP address in the source code..

I often have hard drive crashes and have lost a lot of source code because of this. As such, I am trying to release as much source code as possible that I have the legal right to do so, whether I wrote it or not.

If you are interested in obtaining the original Intermud-3 router source code, in exactly the same state as it was given to me, then you can obtain it from this page.