23 Mar, 2010, boblinski wrote in the 1st comment:
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I've been wondering… when creating mobs/obj's in areas..

After I've set up the Reset for the mob or obj.. I type "edit room reset".. and it says "Room reset." However.. this does not appear to actually reset the room.. the obj/mob does not appear..

I've been getting on fine when testing areas/objects/mobs by simply "loading" object/mobs or waiting for the to reset via the automatic way after a certain number of ticks..

However I am wanting to know.. is there something wrong with the rom2.4 "edit room reset" or am I just using it wrong?

23 Mar, 2010, Skol wrote in the 2nd comment:
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Rom won't reset objects on the ground/inside containers on the ground etc if there are any players (including you) in the area. This is to stop hoarding and waiting at repop sites to grab goodies.

Mobs will not reset if the reset limit is met, ie reset 1 mob 1234 1 1 (meaning a max of 1 of those in the world, 1 in the room). If that mob exists? It won't reset another one.

One trick to resetting the area? Go to the spot, aedit, goto somewhere else, reset (still in aedit for that area). Or, you can change the code so that it ignores anyone of imm level or higher (and thus does object resets).