27 Jul, 2010, Tyche wrote in the 1st comment:
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I was writing a CUI client using a rather ancient library called CXL. I was a bit unhappy with my windows and thought wouldn't it be great if I could use that old Borland library which I couldn't remember the name of…

Anyway I did a little searching and wouldn't you know it.

Turbovision was Borland's framework for console apps and OWL was Borland's framework for early Windows 3.1/95 apps. Both have been updated and ported to run on Linux w/Xwindows platforms as well.

Also Microsoft has included MFC 4.2 in the WDK (Windows Driver Kit).

Maybe useful info for those trying to get some of the ancient mud stuff in the repository running.
27 Jul, 2010, ralgith wrote in the 2nd comment:
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wow, I can't believe OWL is still in existence! I haven't used that i years.